Out of the Blue

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I’ll begin posting this rather lengthy fic this a.m. and try to finish it up this afternoon when I get home from work. And I’ll come back to fix the header as soon as I reread the guidelines and write them down so my lack of sort-term memory doesn’t cause me to mess them up.

Title: Out of the Blue
Author: Slaymesoftly
Season Four – AU post SB
Rating: Strong R
Genre: Fic

Ridiculously long AN: Very retro, very par-for-the-course post Something Blue season 4 fic. The beginning premise is based on two almost throw-away scenes from that season – the one in Pangs in which Buffy cuffs Spike almost affectionately after she ties him up, and then trails her hand across his shoulder as she walks behind him. Can’t say I noticed either of them at the time, but once someone mentioned them I went back and looked and… yeah, different sort of Buffy. And then, at the end of SB, she is staring at Spike totally without animosity or disgust – more just contemplative (until he opens his mouth). I thought those little things gave me something to build on.

Then I threw in some hints of Spike appreciation on Xander’s part (cause that’s always fun), some bonding between Spike and Giles (cause I think they could have and should have been friendlier) some Buffy and Willow girl talk, building friendship and UST between Buffy and Spike…. and yeah. Like that. If you don’t like the way the story’s going, just wait a minute and it’ll change again. LOL

It goes off canon almost immediately, with Spike being more receptive to Giles’s suggestion that maybe he was meant to be chipped so that he could change his ways, and with him becoming more of a Scooby than in canon. But if you’re willing to go with those twists on season four canon, I think it works.

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Out of the Blue – 3

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*sigh* As I was afraid I would, I totally screwed up this morning and posted chapter two twice and chapter three not at all. I don’t know how to fit it in where it belongs, but if I go back and link to it from chapter two, it should work for everyone. It’ll take me a few minutes to work that out though, so if you’re calling me names and wondering where it is, just be patient. Here is the missing Chapter Three, which I will link to from Chapter Two momentarily.

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Out of the Blue – 11

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Chapter Eleven! Only one short chapter to go after this one. alwaysjbj has not had an opportunity to run her eagle eye over these last two chapters yet, so any mistakes shouldn’t be blamed on her. (Nor should any mistakes in the previous chapters which are more likely to be due to my incessant fiddling after the fact.)

Chapter Eleven

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