Fic: Exit Wounds (1/8)

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Title: Exit Wounds (1/8)
Author: sidhlairiel
Season: AtS s5 (AU)
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Buffy/Spike, Fred/Wesley, mentions of Cordelia/Angel and Buffy/Angel.
Summary: Two weeks after Cordelia’s death Buffy arrives at Wolfram and Hart looking for answers about the disturbing dreams she has been having since the Hellmouth was closed. There she finds a grieving Angel and a newly undead Spike, as well as the horrifying threat which fate has brought her back to L.A. in order to vanquish. But is Buffy ready to face her inner demons and finally escape the clutches of the past? Ensemble cast.

Author’s Note: Hi guys! This is my humble offering for this round of seasonal_spuffy but also my first ever posted Buffy fanfic, so I’m pretty nervous but also very excited about finally getting to share it! As much as I loved the last season of Angel I was always disappointed that we never got a proper Buffy/Spike reunion, so I wrote this story like the (two part) television episode I always wanted to see. Thank you to my lovely betajoans_journal for all of her feedback and encouragement on this and to the mods for keeping this amazing community running. I’m hoping to post the next chapter which contains more Spuffy later on today. Comments will be greatly cherished. (PS: You might need to scroll up to see the fic banner.)

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