Happy Anniversary! Omg how old am I?

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First of all, happy anniversary to everyone! Omg fifteen years! I know it’s a difficult year but you are in the right place. You could travel back in time with those posts and relive it all again, the effort you dedicated, all your creative work, every message of support, all that fun we share every round, there’s so much love around, you have been extraordinary. I really believe it, thank you so much I think after all, we’ve been immensely happy here and I can only be grateful.

And of course if you have been going backwards in that great orgy full of love, happy 20th anniversary of Fool for Love too! It’s a perfect time to stop for a moment because we only had one episode like this in the whole show and we can’t let it go so fast. Please don’t get me wrong, I love too many episodes for different reasons, I can’t decide which one I prefer, I have a natural tendency to contradict myself but maybe it’s the exception. I didn’t have time yesterday but it’s my posting day and I’m going to take advantage of it. Yes please, you can do it with me right here. After all, you actually do it all the time. In fact, I think we have been talking about Fool for Love for years without thinking it. So under the cut I will not try to wash your mind, it’s not necessary, we’ve been doing it ever since we saw it.

I apologize for my mistakes but if I could write in Spanish and be understood I would never stop writing and it could be fatal for everyone.

I probably can’t tell you anything you don’t already know about Fool for Love, seriously, we’ve been loving the same thing for a long time. I think it’s like our song you know, I read a lot just like all of you, I’ve been doing it for decades and I can’t count all those spuffy fanfics based on their scenes directly or indirectly. Really, doesn’t matter the plot or time, all those clever twists, all those adventures and that talent so hard to forget, it’s only a matter of time before everyone go back there. I’m sure you’re thinking of some alternate universe, maybe some transcendental smut clearly set in season six or even thoses adventures of your penguins but they also slide into the arms of Fool for Love. I’m sorry to tell you but all that little fights full of noise and feathers and -how to put this- some heated slips with deadly situations, a long line of warriors dancing on ice with a family always ‘into the ocean’. I can make you a manifesto about that!

Of course we have other important episodes but to be honest, I can be sure without a second thought, most of the things I loved madly about them was there, it’s a very strange to be indifferent because after all, it’s a trigger intentionally structured, a critical point between them and possibly one of the biggest plot point from our perspectives. Maybe Nick Marck and Petrie were mentally linked but it’s hard to take away a spuffy for this verbal and physical fight. Sometimes you asking yourself in the middle of a fic ‘omg what’s going on here?’ Well never be a reference about Fool for Love. After that moment I think we never wrote something in the same way again, we are all a bit there in a very natural way, everything is inside of us and our memories.

Of course, you may argue with me or may never cross your mind but please feel free to add whatever you want! So this is how it happens in my mind, how we all talk about this.

Every moment Buffy receives a mortal wound. I can never forget her hands, there is too much blood.
Every vampire hairstyles, you can open a salon without much more than this.
Every time Dawn and Spike sharing nail polish. What? Dawn plays with nail polish and Joyce encourages her. It’s canon forever.
Every time Buffy needs Spike to stay alive. And every time he needed her for the same reason.
Every stories based on vampires and slayers. And how they attract each other.
Every fic in the Victorian age.
Every poem.
Every time you write the word ‘gleaming’.
He was a poet and always will be.
Every social failure, every moment of shyness.
Every rude and cruel rejection.
Every sign of humanity, every William.
Every pool game and every match you burn.
Angel’s hair will always be a mess no matter how you try.
Every snack in a cemetery. And every strange hat.
Slayer’s blood as a powerful aphrodisiac. And after that it’s a topic like time travel.
Every death of a Slayer. It’s always brutal, no matter how you write it. In the end we’re all miserable and we’re thinking of Chinese food.
Every fight narrated and every sexualization about this. You can write it all over again, other hits and twists, other verbal insults but you are there, in that alley, shining.
Every Spike’s mask and every punk song.
Every time she’ll pick up a weapon.
Every dance and the only thing about the dance is you never get to stop.
Every final gasp, every look of peace and every Cheeto.
Every death wish, every lesson and the only reason that keeps us alive.
‘Come on. I can feel it, Slayer. You know you wanna dance.’ All of us could put that in a mug. And we can drink there all day.
Every ‘You’re beneath me.’
All those moments when Buffy floating all around Spike. Laughing. Yes, she loves it.
Every time Buffy cries alone.
Every time Spike tilts his head for Buffy.
Every moment of understanding, every porch, every synchronized breath.

Just to be clear, my mind is a total mess and I’m coming back! Give me just a moment, I still have a few hours to share some graphics. Yes, that’s me right? I promise to look at those mistakes, I just need a coffee first!

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