1 Wallpaper | Stay + 2 banners + icons

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.| Title: 1 Wallpaper | Stay + 2 Banners + Icons
.| Creator: sintonia

Yes, here I’m again! I wanted to share a wallpaper I made for this round, I skipped the standard format because I adjusted it to my preferences but I think there will be no problems with that. I’ve never made one to share so I hope you like it. Well now I see here and I think it was a little dark, maybe I should increase the light a bit. Btw, here are those banners for the round too and some icons. If you want any let me know, I don’t have any problem if you want to customize. *hugs*

.| 1 Wallpaper – Stay | 1600×1400
.| 2 Banners + icons




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• Credit sintonia or stnia  would be nice.
• Love your comments!


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