Editable World Map of Spuffy Fic Recs

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Title: Editable World Map of Spuffy Fic Recs
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Notes: I wanted to make a playground for something collaborative, but I’m bored with online magnetic poetry kits – though I would play if someone else made a kit. ;)
So, instead, I lifted the format off of something unrelated to recs that OffYourBird did in the Elysian Fields Facebook group, and I mapped the settings of some Spuffy fic I have recced in the past. For example, “One Gazelle in All the World” by baphrosia takes place in the Serengeti, so I stuck a pin in Serengeti National Park and put the fic title and author in the description.
So. Theoretically, one could use the map to find fic recs based on setting. Travel the world with Spuffy, so to speak. :)

The map is here. If you’d like to explore it without editing, you could click “Preview” in the sidebar so the interface will be prettier.
This is a screenshot of the map in its current form.

To get started, I added only some easily found stories I can personally recommend, and I only added places outside California (but you don’t have to). I tried to stick to stories where the setting is vividly depicted. I haven’t included links for stories that can be found on Archive of Our Own or Elysian Fields.

You can edit the map to add more places or add more fics to existing places, and I hope some people will want to, because the current selection of fic is obviously pretty small. I know for a fact that Spuffy have travelled more world than that. :)

You can add a place by searching it in the search bar, clicking “add to map”, and then editing the description to include the fic. People like me whose default Google Maps language isn’t English might want to edit the name of the place. In the list of places on the left, you can drag and drop a place if needed, to put it under Main Settings or Visits. When a place is a main setting for some fic and visited in different fic, I made two pins for that place.

You can add fic recs to an existing place by editing the description (Alt+Enter makes a line break). Feel free to add a “recced by” if you want people to know you added a fic.

Apparently, you do need to log into a Google account in order to edit. If you can’t/won’t do that, you can just drop a rec into a comment here and hope that someone else adds it. I would honestly love to know where else good Spuffy fic has been set, and I’d also be happy to hear about other good fic that’s set in these same places. ^^

Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/636845.html