Happy and Romantic Season 6 Banners

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Title: Happy and Romantic Season 6 Banners
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Notes: It’s already Sunday where I live, so it’s our second free-for-all day, and I’m here with my artistic vision of season 6 as a kitten cuddle pile! Okay, that’s only the second banner. The first is romantic but not happy.
Both banners are based on the lyrics of “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic, and mayybe I wanted to try song-inspired artwork because of that cool challenge on BuffyForums.
This is banner number three and four that I have ever made in my life. I’m having a ton of fun figuring out how you even edit an image. *g* Concrit would be welcome!

Screencaps by me using hdbuffy.tumblr.com. Background from ‘s texture pack “The Reflection Lies“. Frame photos: pc frame clean jpeg by janwillemsen and IMG_4328 by arcticpenguin.

Caps by me using hdbuffy.tumblr.com, Colorful Blurry Hearts Texture by Rachel Walker (I randomly ran into it, & I was like, why, that’s exactly how I see the world in general and Spuffy in particular!)


Originally posted at https://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/636428.html