Drabbles Pt4

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Next installment… hope you guys don’t mind so many little bits!

Rating – U
Medium – Drabble
Title – New Needs
Other Info – Set after S7 BtVS “Beneath You”
Buffy finds Spike in the shadows of a corner of the school basement.  He’s mumbling to himself and doesn’t sense her approach.  When she speaks it makes him jump and look up, she can see he’s been crying.

“I know you’re not quite yourself right now but I need you to listen, okay?”

Spike tilts his head in question then nods solemnly.

“What happened… before you left… it wasn’t purely you.  It was partly my fault…”

“N..no.  No!”  Spike interrupted.

“Listen to me!”  Buffy sighed.  “It was me.  I forced you to that point.  Can you forgive me? Please? I need you.”

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