Drabbles Pt3

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Here’s the third installment for today – I’m really enjoying myself, I hadn’t written in ages (hence the drabbles as I didn’t trust myself to finish a fic) but its been really fun.  Apologies as this is a fluffy Spuffy treat, perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea!

Rating – U
Medium – Drabble
Title – Birthday Gift
Other Info – Post both Finales

A sweaty, red faced Buffy grabbed Spike by his collar.  She pulled him in close.  Speaking through gritted teeth she is a force to be reckoned with.

“If you tell me to breathe one more time, Fang Boy, I swear I’m going to make sure you know what pain is!”

“I think she’s serious this time.”  Dawn warned.  “Buffy focus!  If you can prevent several apocalypses and defeat The First Evil, then you can do this!  Spike’s just worried.”

“Buffy, I love you .  Just please give birth without dusting me because you’re scaring the hell out of the Doctor!”



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