Drabbles Pt2

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Back again with the sequel to New Beginnings – more Drabbles to follow through the day.

Rating – U
Medium – Drabble
Title – Old Arguments
Other Info – Sequel to New Beginnings Drabble 
“This is not working!” Buffy moaned.

“Luv, how many times do I need to say I’m sorry?” Spike sighed.
“But how can I forgive you, let alone forget?” A lone tear trickled down a golden cheek.
“I can’t change who I am now, I’ve changed so much that any more would mean going backwards!” Spike threw his hands in the air, exasperated.
“Well…” Buffy sniffed. “Perhaps it was partly my fault.” She acquiesced.
“Too right! I never said I was any good at doing laundry, you shouldn’t have trusted me with your best new dress now should you?” Spike grumped.