Death by the 13th Genie, Chapter 3

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The last written chapter. Hope someone likes it.

Author: maryperk73703
Rating: R for smut, language
Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Xander/Cordelia, Drusilla/Anyanka
Season 2, February

Chapter 3

Thursday, February 5th, 1998

“Where are we?” Cordelia looked around the building with distaste.

“My Master’s lair.” Xander leered at Cordelia. Associating with a master vampire of Spike’s caliber gave Xander plenty of confidence that he never had before. “It’s time you learn who wears the pants in our relationship.

“I don’t think so, buster,” Cordelia muttered. She tried to get back to the door, but Xander quickly blocked her way. “If you know what’s good for you, Harris, you’ll get out of my way.”

“You’ve been getting your own way for too long, Queen C.” Xander grabbed Cordelia’s arms. “What you need is your ass tanned.”

Cordelia adopted a haughty glare to hide her nervousness. “Nobody spanks me, not even my Dad.”

“That’s the problem then.” Xander pulled Cordelia over to a chair where he sat down, and he turned her over his knee. “You’ve been a thorn in my side since kindergarten. You always looking down your nose at me and putting me down. That’s an awful lot of whippings I owe you.”

Cordelia continued to struggle, but Xander was stronger. He trapped her legs beneath one of his own, and he grabbed her wrists with one hand. “Let me go, you bastard.”

“My parents might not be the greatest, but they were married before I was born.” Xander raised his free hand. He let it fall onto Cordelia’s ass.


Cordelia let out a bellow of outrage. “Asswipe!”

“No, that’s not it either.” Xander landed another swat on the girl’s pert butt.

“Let me go!” Cordelia’s struggles became more frantic.

Xander tightened his grip on the squirming Cordelia. “I don’t think so.”

The struggle between Xander and Cordelia continued for many long minutes until Cordelia finally sagged against Xander’s lap with her butt on fire and tears running down her face. “Please stop. I’ll be good.” She felt so humiliated and turned on at the same time.

“What’s my name?” Xander punctuated the words with lighter swats.

“Xander! Xander Harris!”

Xander tenderly caressed Cordelia’s bottom. “Good girl. Now, you’re going to treat me and my friends a whole lot better, aren’t you?”

Cordelia nodded her head. “Yes, Xander.”

“Very good girl. Now sit up and kiss me.’

Cordelia carefully climbed to her feet. Her ass hurt worse than it ever had before. She’d never had a spanking before in her life. She didn’t know who to hate more for realizing how much she liked it, her or Xander.

Xander opened his arms, and he made Cordelia sit on his lap for their make out session. He smirked when she hissed in pain while she settled on his knee. Xander pulled her tight against his body while he tugged her chin to where he could cover her mouth with his. He let out a happy sigh.


Friday, February 6th, 1998

“I gotta go to school, Spike,” Buffy begged. “If I call in sick one more day, Snyder’s sure to call my mom. I’ll be grounded forever. Then, our fun won’t be so much fun anymore.” She stuck out her lower lip.

“Hush, Slayer. I’m thinkin’,” Spike growled. “I’m just not healing the way I want. “

Buffy let out a huff. “Well, you have that genie guy hanging around. Ask him to make you better. Sheesh.”

Spike whirled his chair around, and he gave the Slayer a sly smirk. “You’re not as dumb as you act, Slayer.”

“Hey, I resent that,” Buffy cried out. She tugged against the ropes holding her to the bed. “I worked hard on perfecting my dumb blond act.”

“Genie,” Spike yelled. “Get your fat, orange arse here now.”

Kaelai appeared. “I am at your command, My Master. Have you decided on your final wish?”

“Yes, I wish for you to make me what I was before,” Spike said.

Kaelai blinked in surprise. That was a surprisingly vague wish, but he loved it. There were going to be repercussions for a very, very long time from this wish. When he was done with them, he’d have the death he needed, but no one said he didn’t have to be completely creative in how he got the death.

“Hurry up, mate.”

“Wish granted.” Kaelai reached out to touch Spike’s chest with a hand that glowed a fiery bright orange. Spike’s eyes glowed with the same color, and he threw his head back to scream as his body healed and his soul returned to him.

“Spike, are you okay?” Buffy asked in a worried tone. With a growl, she glared at the genie. “What did you do to him?”

“Why nothing he didn’t ask for, sweet thing.” Kaelai turned to leer at the bound Slayer. His expression quickly turned to terror when the young girl easily broke the ropes holding her. She rose from bed naked and visibly angry. “Hey now, Slayer.” Kaelai threw his hands up in surrender.

Buffy growled, and she advanced on the genie. Fright caused his orange skin to turn a bright tangerine. The Slayer narrowed her eyes. “If you’ve broken my vampire, I’m going to be very mad.”

“All I did was make him what he was before,” Kaelai protested. “You heard the wish too.”

Spike mumbled incoherently, and he scrambled into the corner. One part of his mind marveled at his healed body while another part screamed in agony at the return of his soul. He briefly wondered if this was what Angelus had felt before he gave in to the pain.

Buffy’s attention was distracted from the genie by Spike’s movements and sounds. She hurried to the vampire’s side where she knelt beside him. She petted his hair gently while she cooed nonsense to him.

“Look, Slayer. I did what he wanted. I made him what he was before. He has his soul,” Kaelai said. “Just remember our deal, vampire.” He popped out of sight, leaving Buffy to deal with the newly ensouled Spike.

Xander burst into the room, followed by a subdued Cordelia. “What the frilly heck is going on in here?”

“That orange guy hurt Spike,” Buffy snarled. “When I find him, he’s toast.”

“Bad, bad William. Hurt the boy. Hurt the girl.”

Xander noticed the ropes still hanging from Buffy’s wrists and ankles. “Uh, Buffy. How mad at me are you?” Now that the Slayer was free, she might want to take revenge for his capturing her to bring her to Spike. Xander looked at his Master with concern.

“I’ll get back to you on that.” Buffy’s eyes went past Xander to the still silent Cordelia. She petted Spike’s hair as she spoke. “What’s with Cordy?”

Xander glanced over his shoulder at his girlfriend. “She’s learned who’s in charge is all.”

“Are you okay, Cordelia?” Buffy asked.

“We’ll never be okay again,” Spike muttered. “We’re bad. No good. Spike and William are no good.”

Buffy made a shushing sound while she pulled Spike closer.

Cordelia smiled slightly. “I’m fine, Buffy.” She spoke in a tone that the Slayer had never heard coming from the young woman before. There was not an ounce of the usually snotty attitude in Cordelia’s voice.

Buffy nodded before she turned her attention totally back to Spike. She put her hands under his armpits to help him to his feet. He resisted her help, but she was adamant that she was going to help him.

“Push off, Slayer.”

“Not gonna happen,” Buffy said. She pulled Spike over to the bed where she settled him against the pillows and blankets.

Xander realized that Buffy was naked when she managed to get Spike to the bed. “Get Buffy some clothes, Cordelia.”

“Sure.” Cordelia nodded. “But, I don’t think there’s many girl clothes here though.”

Buffy cuddled up to Spike on the bed, pulling his head to her chest. She had no idea what to do to help the upset vampire. Despite Angelus’ previous ensouled existence she knew that vampires weren’t supposed to have one. Somehow she doubted that a happy moment was going to make this soul go away. “Spike needs me.”

In a surprisingly lucid moment, Spike snorted. “Here’s your opportunity to escape.”

Buffy rolled her eyes. “If I wanted to really leave I would have escaped already.” She shook her rope bound wrist in his face.

“You were the one complaining about school,” Spike groused.

“Not because I wanted to leave you, silly. If I don’t go to school that troll Snyder will be calling mom.” Buffy hugged Spike. “If I’m grounded I can’t spend time with my guy.”

“So what about clothes?” Cordelia asked.

“We’ll run by your house before school,” Xander said to Cordelia. “You’re sure to have something you don’t want to wear again.”

“Someone needs to stay with Spike,” Buffy replied.

“I’m not a child, Slayer,” Spike snarled. Then, his eyes darted to the corner of the room, and he whimpered. “Don’t let them get me.”

“I know you’re not a child, baby, but you just got your soul back. It’ll take some getting used to.”

Xander grabbed Cordelia’s arm. “We’ll figure something out. Back soon, Buffy.” He pulled his girlfriend out of the room.

After Xander and Cordelia left, Buffy tucked the blankets around Spike and herself. “I love you, Spike,” she whispered.

Spike heard Buffy’s words, and his soul felt guilty. The Slayer didn’t love him. It was all from the wish he’d made to the genie about having a woman as good as Buffy. “No, you don’t, but thanks for saying it,” he whispered brokenly in return.



Drusilla sat up in bed. “My Spike has made his third wish. Only seven more days until Daddy is no more.”

“You’re not going back are you?” Anyanka asked in a worried voice. She too sat up to kiss Drusilla’s naked shoulder.

“Of course not, my sweet Aud.” Drusilla turned her head to smile at the vengeance demon. “I am where I want to be. Daddy wouldn’t heed my warnings. Bad Daddy. Ruff.”

Anyanka had no clue how Drusilla knew her human name, but she wasn’t going to let that bother right now. She let out a husky growl. “Let me be your bad puppy, baby.”

Drusilla giggled. “Yes, be my naughty poodle.” She twisted her body around, and she took Anyanka in her arms. The two women fell back against the pillow with their lips locked.


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