Death by the 13th Genie, Chapter 1

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Here is my WIP #16. Yes, it’s true. I’m a WIP-oholic.

Title: Death by the 13th Genie
Author: maryperk73703
Genre: Heck, I don’t know. I start out so serious and then it goes south.
Rating: R for smut, language, and blood play
Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Xander/Cordelia, Drusilla/Anyanka
Beta: Tasha, mistakes are mine not hers.
Season 2, starting Feb. 1st
Summary: A genie will grant Spike three wishes at the cost of someone’s life.

Chapter 1

Sunday, February 1st 1998

Angelus slammed out of the bedroom he shared with Drusilla. The minions cowered in terror as the master vampire ranted and raved about his insane Childe. He had commandeered the upstairs area of the warehouse for sleeping quarters when he had reclaimed his position in the family unit. He’d even made sure his and Dru’s bed was directly above the downstairs room that Spike had claimed as his own. It was a petty thing to do, but Angelus didn’t really care.

“What’s got your tail feathers in a spin, Angelus?” Spike wheeled out of his first floor room. He knew exactly what it was, of course. It wasn’t like he had lost any of his hearing along with his mobility.

Angelus glared at the younger crippled vampire. “Drusilla is listening to that damned doll of hers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the number thirteen.”

“Well, Miss Edith certainly never tells a lie, mate.” Spike had learned the hard way to believe Miss Edith’s predictions. After all, hadn’t the daft doll predicted Angelus’ illustrious return from being ensouled?

“Bullshit! There’s nothing to fear!” Angel snarled. “I’m a vampire. I’m going to live forever. I don’t have just thirteen days to live, no matter what that damned doll says.”

“Suit yourself, but Edith hates it when you don’t listen to her.” Spike wheeled towards the back of the warehouse where the designated kitchen area was. He missed Dalton. He needed a loyal minion to do his bidding.

“Fuck, how’d I get such a stupid idiot Grandchilde!” Angelus muttered the insult under his breath. “Now I need to go kill something.” He stomped out of the mansion.

Spike was drinking some bagged blood when Drusilla danced in with Miss Edith in her arms. The vampiress hummed an old lullaby from her childhood. Spike marveled at how beautiful his wicked ripe plum was now that she was healed.

“You made your Daddy all mad, princess,” Spike told his Sire.

“I know, but Daddy’s not playing right.” Drusilla pouted. “Miss Edith says that if we don’t leave today, Daddy and I will be dead in thirteen days.”

“We could go away, Dru,” Spike urged. “It’ll be like it was before.”

“We can never go back, Spike.” Drusilla stared off into space. “We can’t go forward either. Daddy’s stuck on the nasty Slayer.”

“Yeah, and she’s stuck on him,” Spike grumbled under his breath. Just like you, he thought to himself. The bloody Slayer was all he could bloody think about.

“Don’t be ugly, my dark prince.” Drusilla shook a finger at Spike. “You’ll be getting your just reward soon.”



A lone tear trickled down Spike’s scarred cheek. After the conversation earlier in the evening, he had been sure Drusilla was giving him a hint on their reunion. So, he had presented her with the necklace he had been planning giving her for Valentine’s Day. However, the stupid bitch had rejected him for her Daddy again. After everything he’d gone through for his Sire, she had tossed him aside like a used tissue.

“I bet Buffy’s…” Spike snorted at the absurdity of the Slayer’s name. “… bloody loyal.” He gave a huff. “She’s loyal to Peaches, just like Drusilla.”

Spike threw the necklace he had presented to Drusilla at the wall. A pillar of mist rose into the air when it fell to the floor.

A masculine voice boomed through the room. “Oh, great and powerful Master. I am Kaelai, the thirteenth Genie of the glorious Ali Baba. You have released me from my prison.”

Spike stuck a finger in one ear, and he wiggled it around a bit. “Turn down the volume.”

“I’m sorry, My Master.” A huge, toga-dressed creature formed out of the mist. The genie had light orange skin, dark orange hair, bright blue eyes, and pointed ears. “Since you have freed me, I can grant you three wishes.”

“Three wishes, huh?” Spike perked up at that idea. There were so many delicious possibilities at his fingertips.

“But I must warn you, My Master. You only have thirteen days in which I can grant your every whim.” The genie looked bored.

Spike narrowed his eyes suspiciously. “What’s the catch?”

“You are a smart one, My Master,” Kaelai chortled. “At the end of those thirteen days, your oldest relative will die.”

“Oh really?” Spike rubbed his hands together. Angelus was his oldest relative, and if Angelus was gone, Drusilla was sure to come back to him. “Let’s get started right away! I wish for a nice, loyal minion to do my bidding.”

“Excellent wish, My Master.” Kaelai clapped his hands. A clap of thunder sounded through the room, and a young man in boxer shorts appeared out of thin air.

“Holy Moley, what’s going on?” The young man looked around, and he gave a little grunt of terror when he saw Spike and the genie.

“What the bloody hell is this?” Spike pointed at Xander. He recognized the Slayer’s friend.

“I gave you a loyal minion to do your bidding, My Master.” Kaelai looked confused. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“I didn’t want one of the Slayer’s soddin’ minions,” Spike spluttered. “I wanted one of my own.”

“Oh.” Kaelai blinked in surprise. He gave the idea some thought. He raised one finger to emphasize his point. “Well, look at it this way, now you and the Slayer have something in common.”

“Still in the room,” Xander grumbled. He felt a pull to do whatever Spike would ask of him. He had no idea what it could possibly be, but for whatever reason he didn’t think it was odd.

“He’s not very minion like,” Kaelai commented.

“Hey, I’m as good as the next minion.” Xander wasn’t sure how he ended up in a room with Spike and a funky orange demon. Xander was a bit scared of the strange demon, but bravado won out. “I always get the donuts for Giles’ research sessions. Hassib even gives me a discount.” He was upset that his minion qualities were being insulted by a stupid, orange demon.

Spike held up a hand to silence the teenager. “Shut up, Whelp. A good minion never questions his Master.”

Xander’s eyes opened wide. He looked down at his state of undress before he pointed a finger at Spike. “I’ll get you food, women, and wine in a few years, but I’m nobody’s butt monkey.”

“Oh, My Master, use your second wish to make him more pliable,” Kaelai said slyly. The sooner the vampire used up the wishes the sooner he could depart for greener pastures.

“He’s fine.” Spike waved one hand. “He’ll be perfect for bringing the Slayer to me.” He turned back to Xander. “Don’t raise any suspicions with the Slayer and her other flunkies. Bring me something to eat after dark.”

“Okay, Spike.” Xander nodded. He didn’t even think twice about doing the vampire’s bidding. “Uh, can I have some pants or something to wear home?”

“Look in the closet over there.” Spike pointed to the armoire. “We’ll be lookin’ for a new home when you come by. Be prepared for a move.”

“Okay, Spike.” Xander went to the wardrobe, and he picked out some jeans and a shirt. He gave Spike a nod before he left.

Spike grinned at the genie. “You see? He’s not so bad. I don’t need to waste another wish on him.”

“And your next wish, My Master?”

“Let me think on it.” Spike wheeled over to the bed to get ready to rest. He leveraged himself up onto the mattress. He ripped off his shirt, but he left on his jeans. “Why don’t you go find yourself a lady genie to canoodle with?”

“Hmm, wonder if Calliope is still around,” Kaelai muttered to himself as he disappeared from the mansion’s bedroom.


Two Days Later on Tuesday February 3rd 1998

“Rise and shine, My Master,” Kaelai said into the sleeping vampire’s ear. He had been away two days enjoying Calliope’s bountiful body.

“You’re cruisin’ for trouble wakin’ a bloke up like that,” Spike growled. He rolled over slowly. He was starting to get some movement in his legs, but it wasn’t very much.

“How’s that new minion of yours working out?” Kaelai asked.

Spike really wasn’t in a good mood when he first got up in the evening, “Just fine,” he snarled. He gave the demonic genie a dirty look as he maneuvered himself into his wheelchair. He hated when people bothered him right away.

“Your minion should be here soon with dinner.” Kaelai stood back. He flicked some imaginary lint off of his toga.

“I’m here.” Xander strolled in with a trussed up blond girl slung over his shoulder. “I’m delivering the Slayer, just like you wanted, Spike. It took me longer than I expected.” He flung Buffy onto the bed next to Spike.

Spike looked at Kaelai, and he drawled, “Ye of little faith. I knew the Whelp here would pull through for me in a pinch.”

“I stand corrected, My Master.” The orange skinned genie bowed in apology. “Are you ready for your next wish to be granted?”

Spike bit down on his lower lip with straight white teeth, and he shook his head. No, he’d be way too busy with dinner to be making any wishes. “Go find us some new livin’ quarters, you two, and it better be something decent.”

“Okay, Spike.” Xander turned to leave. “Come on, Orange Julius. We have new digs to find.”

“Did you just call me Orange Julius? Where’d you come up with that one?” Kaelai followed the young human out of the room.

Spike listened to the conversations for a moment before he returned his attention to the young woman that lay in his bed. He leaned in to smell her clean, feminine scent. It had been a long time since he’d had a woman, willing or not, in his bed.

Buffy’s eyes popped open. She found herself staring up at a dirty, cracked ceiling. She tensed when she realized that she was tied up, gagged, and had a cool, lean body in bed with her. How the heck did I end up in bed?


Buffy instantly recognized the husky, accented voice. She tried to say the vampire’s name around the gag. “’ike!”

Spike’s head popped up, and he leered at the Slayer. He rubbed one hand up and down Buffy’s skirt-clad hip. “I’m glad you’re awake, pet. It makes the meal ever so much more fun to eat when there’s whimperin’ involved.”

Buffy glared at the bleached blond pain-in-her-ass. She had no idea how she got to where she was currently laying. The last thing she remembered was getting hit from behind as she was leaving the high school after a meeting with Giles.

“You smell good, Slayer.” Spike sniffed Buffy’s hair again. His hand was making complex patterns on the skin of her thigh.

Buffy tried hard to ignore the puffs of cool air wafting through her hair, and the hand gliding up and down her leg, getting precariously closer to her private areas with each move. There is no way I’m letting him turn me on, she thought to herself.

“I can smell you, you know?” Spike whispered. “Your panties are getting all damp just thinkin’ about me havin’ my wicked way with you, aren’t they?”

Buffy tried to shake her head in denial. While she scooted away from him, she heard the bones in Spike’s face crunch as he brought forth his demonic visage. She gave a muffled shriek when he pulled her back flush with his body.

“Fuck, you’re wasted on that wanker Angelus,” Spike snarled. “I wish I had a woman like you by my side. I’d rule Sunnydale.”

A clap of thunder echoed though the room. Kaelai appeared out of nowhere. “Another excellent wish, My Master.”

Spike looked up at the genie. “What the bloody hell did you do this time?”

“I gave you what you asked for.” Kaelai gave the vampire an innocent look. “You wanted a woman like the Slayer, My Master. In fact, I gave you the Slayer.”

Spike looked down at the Slayer who was no longer glaring at him or even struggling to get away. Instead, she looked at him with lust as she tried to get closer to his body.

“This wasn’t what I had in mind,” Spike growled.

“You have one more wish, My Master.” Kaelai offered. “Do you wish to take it back?”

Buffy mumbled something from behind her gag. She didn’t want Spike to take the wish back just when she had finally admitted to herself that he was the one true vampire for her.

Spike looked down at the blond girl. He had understood her muffled word almost perfectly. He was just astonished by what she said. “You’re offerin’ your blood to me? Anytime I want it?”

Buffy nodded frantically. She would do anything to get her vamp to stay with her. She knew Spike was evil and soulless, but she didn’t care. Besides maybe if her guy was evil in the first place, she wouldn’t have to worry about him going all postal on her after the smoochies and sex.

Spike decided having the Slayer as his plaything for a few days might be fun. He gave Kaelai a toothy grin. “I’ll keep this wish too.”


“Eleven more days, my Angel, till you dust,” Drusilla crooned. She straightened Miss Edith’s dress. “We still have time to leave.”

“When the Slayer’s dead, that’s when we’ll leave this Hellhole,” Angelus snarled. He continued to search the Bronze crowd in the hopes of catching sight of Buffy or one of her little friends. So far, he had seen neither hide nor hair of any of them.

Drusilla sighed heavily. “I’m hungry, Daddy. Can you find me something juicy to snack on?”

“I’m too busy.” Angelus waved his hand in a shooing motion. “Go find something yourself for a change. You’re not that helpless, Dru.”

Drusilla picked Miss Edith up from the chair. She rose to her feet, and she carefully made her way down to the dance floor of the Bronze. She circled the dance floor looking for the perfect prey to lure away. She was surprised when a female demon appeared in front of her.

“I am Anyanka, patron saint of scorned women. I feel your pain.” The demoness laid a hand on Drusilla’s arm. She looked around the nightclub with a disgusted look. “Shall we go somewhere more suitable for our pleasures?”

Drusilla stared at Anyanka, mesmerized by the woman’s beauty. It had been a long time since she had sought out the comforts of a soft, sweet female. She gave Anyanka a wicked smile before she cooed, “Pleasure indeed to be found with one whom the stars favored with such beauty. Lead me to a place where we can share such together.”

Anyanka smirked as she shifted into her demonic visage. With a pop, the two evil women disappeared from Sunnydale, and they appeared outside a very beautiful mansion. “I am the vengeance, and you are the justice. Together we will cause men to cower for centuries.”

Drusilla got a truly wicked smile on her face. “Can we make Daddy pay for deserting his princess? We only have eleven days to work our revenge.”

“Count on it!” Anyanka cupped Drusilla’s face. “First though, we have business here with your dinner.”

Drusilla leaned in to press her lips against Anyanka’s. Yes, this would be the start of a beautifully frightening friendship.

Back in Sunnydale, Angelus wondered what happened to Drusilla. He shrugged when he didn’t see her anywhere in the Bronze. He figured she had found herself something to eat and had slipped out the back door with it.

Angelus was getting frustrated. None of the Scoobies were anywhere to be seen. After much thought, he decided to go check out the high school. Angelus knew that Giles tended to stay late waiting for Buffy to check in from her patrol.


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