Death by the 13th Genie, Chapter 2

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Here’s Chapter 2

Author: maryperk73703
Rating: R for smut, language
Pairings: Spike/Buffy, Xander/Cordelia, Drusilla/Anyanka
Season 2, February

Chapter 2

Wednesday, February 4th, 1998

Kaelai glanced at the bleached blond vamp as he pulled himself into the wheelchair. The genie couldn’t understand why Spike hadn’t taken any Slayer blood yet. It shouldn’t have mattered if that idiot Harris had showed up with the address for a new place to live. The vampire should have drained the girl dry already. Kaelai was confused by Spike’s actions.

Xander’s eyes lit on the still living Slayer who was looking at Spike with adoring eyes. “I’m surprised Buffy’s not all pissed off at you. She usually has quite a temper. How did you get her to call in sick to school? How long do you think her mom will go along with ‘staying over at Willow’s’ excuse?”

“Hey, quit eyeing the Slayer. Get your own bint,” Spike snarled. “I don’t give a rat’s ass about that other shit.”

Xander gave the vampire a smirk. “Oh, I have one in mind already. She’s the queen bitch herself, Cordelia Chase. Not that she’s all that happy with me right now.”

Buffy mumbled happily from behind her gag. Spike was already laying claim to her. She was sure he would love her very soon, if he didn’t already.

Spike hefted Buffy onto his lap, and he waved at Xander to wheel them out of the mansion. It was a good idea to get away before the poofter or the bitch returned from hunting. Surprisingly, Xander had found a nice empty warehouse close to the Bronze for them to take over. There was even indoor parking for Spike’s baby, the Desoto. While Xander went out to find Cordelia, Spike made himself comfortable with the Slayer.

“Go have some fun, Genie,” Spike drawled. He had been surprised to find the upstairs was a furnished apartment was accessible through an elevator. “I’m gonna be busy tonight. Come back tomorrow.”

“Sure hope he figures out what his third wish will be,” Kaelai muttered. “I’ve got places to go and people to see.”

“Just get,” Spike growled. He’d heard the genie’s muttering.

Kaelai bowed low to the ground. “I am at your command, My Master.” He popped out of the warehouse.


Xander smirked to himself as he snuck up behind Cordelia. The girl was all his and he had no plans on sharing. Cordelia let out a small shriek when he put his cool hands on her neck.

Cordelia whirled around on the counter stool to find Xander leaning against the wall behind her. She gave him a disgruntled look before she slapped his arm. “Don’t sneak up on me like that. I thought you were someone scarier.”

“You mean I’m not scary, baby,” Xander drawled. “I’ll have to try harder.”

“Oh you.” Cordelia rolled her eyes. “So, you sounded serious on the phone. Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, baby. I just had to see you is all.” Xander leaned in to give Cordelia a small kiss on the lips. “Besides, I thought we’d meet up with Buff and her new vamp.”

“Buffy’s got a new vamp?” Cordelia lifted one eyebrow. “Hasn’t that girl learned her lesson?”

Xander shrugged. “The Master isn’t so bad.”

“The Master? You mean like that fugly guy that was supposed to kill Buffy last year?” Cordelia gave Xander a glare. She wasn’t too sure about dating a nerd like him, but she guessed it was okay as long as none of her friends found out. That’s why she had met at a quiet out of the way place like Bill’s Diner rather than the Bronze to meet..

“Not quite,” Xander said with a chuckle. “Let’s go. It’s not good to keep a vamp waiting.” He grabbed her arm.

Cordelia felt a bit uneasy. “I’m not on the menu, am I?”

“No. Although, I’d love to eat you up, little girl.” Xander leered at his secret girlfriend as he leaned in to sniff her hair. “You certainly smell good enough to eat.”

Cordelia rolled her eyes, but allowed Xander to lead her away from the diner


Angelus crept into the library through the passageway that Xander had snuck out just a few months before when Spike attacked the school. He knew he was going to eat well when he saw Giles, Jenny, and Willow sitting in the library. Angel decided he’d kill Giles first, eat Jenny, and keep Willow as a play thing for a while. He moved in closer to listen to them before he attacked.

“Are you sure about this, Jenny?” Giles asked. He looked at the crystals sitting in a neat row in front of him.

“Yes, Rupert.” Jenny nodded her head, her eyes still on the text. “This ritual will help Buffy realize her full potential.”

Willow carefully studied the crystals that were placed around the double pentagrams drawn on the table. “What about this black one, Ms Calendar?”

“That one does present a problem,” Jenny replied. “There is no place to put it in the pentagrams.”

“I believe you’ll find that crystal represents something or someone we need to protect Buffy against,” Giles said. He glanced at the two females. “Now if we could just figure out who is represented by the gold crystal here in the middle with Buffy?”

Jenny nodded as she picked up her glasses. She looked back at the book she was holding. “Well, gold does represent Apollo and the sun. So, it’s a definite masculine influence.” She stared at the crystal, studying the depths. “There’s a dark center. That must mean it’s a vampire.”

“Are you sure?” Giles took off his glasses. He laid them on the table, and he pinched the bridge of his nose. “Is it Angelus?” He hoped that Jenny would tell him it wasn’t the despised vampire.

“There’s an easy way to find out.” Jenny muttered a short incantation. She gave a gasp of surprise. “It’s not Angelus, but it is a member of his family.”

Willow’s eyes opened wide as she realized who the crystal represented. “Spike? Is it crazy or something? He hates her and wants to kill her.”

So, do I, Angelus thought to himself.

“It’s the thirteenth crystal here that we need to identify.” Jenny looked at Willow with a thoughtful gaze. “This may prove difficult. Thirteen is a particularly hard number to work with. It has many bad connotations in plenty of different cultures.”

Angelus shuddered when he heard the number thirteen. He had put no stock in what Drusilla had said, but the cropping up of the number again so soon made the vampire a bit wary.

“Let me try to figure it out.” Jenny put her hand over the crystal, and she recited an incantation. She gave a little shriek when the stone shattered into pieces.

“Interesting. Look at that.” Willow counted the shards. “There’s exactly thirteen.”

“It looks a bit like an angel if you ask me.” Giles tilted his head to study the shards. “See, here’s the body, and here are the wings.” He pointed to the areas he meant.

“Well, it could mean Angelus himself,” Willow replied thoughtfully. “He is a major threat against Buffy right now.”

“When are we doing the ritual?” Giles questioned Jenny.

“The thirteenth is the absolute best day to do this.” The gypsy looked up at the Watcher. “If we do the spell in the thirteenth minute of the thirteenth hour, the power will be unstoppable. This will also help negate the unlucky power of the thirteen stones.”

Giles made a noncommittal sound.

“How on earth are we going to get Spike to cooperate with this whole mess?” Willow asked. “I mean, he’s probably not too happy with Buffy right now because of the wheelchair.”


Little did Willow know how right and how wrong her words were at that moment in time. Spike was both happy and unhappy. The taste of Slayer blood filled his mouth, but even with its powerful healing qualities it wasn’t as fast as he had hoped. The scent of Buffy’s arousal perfumed the air making Spike wish he could ram his cock into her almost virgin tight pussy. Instead he had to settle for using his fingers and tongue on the girl.

Buffy lay naked in Spike’s bed. He had tied her to the bed, spread eagle, to make sure she didn’t escape. Despite her promises that she was right where she wanted to be, the vampire hadn’t believed her. She knew bite marks, both from blunt human teeth and vampiric fangs, littered her body. Buffy could feel them all burn and itch as Spike plucked at her hard nipples with relentless fingers. He had promised that she would plead for relief before he was through with her. Buffy absolutely agreed with him. If it wasn’t for the gag, now more tightly wedged in her mouth, she’d already be pleading with him.

Spike gave a feral grin as he twisted the Slayer’s pretty pink titties. She had already drenched the sheets beneath her with her sweat and juices as she became more aroused. The little bitch had quite a few masochist tendencies he was going to completely take advantage of before he did away with her. One of the vampire’s hands slid down Buffy’s body to the apex of her thighs where he shoved his fingers into her cunny. He couldn’t wait to get his cock into that tight, silky spot. It was going to feel so good.

Buffy arched her back when Spike wedged his fingers inside her pussy. The sensations flowed over her as he sank his fangs into her pliant flesh one more time. White hot pleasure shot through her body as she had the hardest orgasm of the night. As she fell down into the darkness, she thought to herself, Angel’s kisses don’t have anything on Spike’s fangs.


“So, what you’re saying is that whoever this shattered crystal represents will cease to exist when we finish the ritual?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying,” Jenny answered Giles.

“Well, then, let’s make sure that it’s Angelus in question when we do this spell.”

Angelus didn’t like the looks on the faces of the people he was eavesdropping on. They were supposed to be too scared of him to be planning his demise. He bet his bottom dollar that Spike was somehow behind the whole ‘you’re going to die in thirteen days’ crap. Maybe it was time to remove the bleached blond pain in his ass permanently. Angelus stormed out of the school the way he had come in.

Angelus hurried to the warehouse, but to his dismay he found the building deserted. Drusilla still hadn’t returned from where ever her hissy fit had taken her. All of her dolls stared at Angelus with accusing eyes. In a sudden bout of anger the vampire smashed all of the porcelain heads with his fist.

When Angelus went to Spike’s room, he found it completely empty of the younger vamp’s possessions. His anger escalated to fiery proportions. Again he destroyed everything he could get his hands on, including the bank of televisions that filled one wall.

Angelus spent a fruitless night searching Sunnydale for the people he wanted to take his ire out on. No one seemed to know the whereabouts of either Drusilla, Spike, or the Slayer. When he returned to the factory area, he was greeted by the sight of fire engines, police cars, and a seething crowd of humans. Angelus was unhappy to find that his lair was torched. He never thought about his own actions being the culprit. Instead he blamed the entire thing on Spike.


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