You love so hard…

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you_love_so_hard_thumb.jpgTitle: You Love So Hard
Author: comlodge
Medium: Art – Icon, Wallpaper, Banner
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: For play
Season: S7
A/N: I love this scene. Soft, a changing in their relationship, a new beginning after the horrors of S6. I’ve used the colours of passion and love – reds and purples – with a touch of gold for the truth and purity of his love for her and finally hers for him. The blues are for their strength and the texture for the depth of their passion, A tender moment that acknowledges what they recieve from the other.



Click image for Larger version.


Sorry, I did have a bit more for the description but it kept going stupid this morning and I just gave up. Now of course I mostly forget what I was trying to say about this image. Enjoy! :D

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