Bouncing Back – A Spuffy Banner

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ssicon_2015.jpgTitle: Bouncing Back
Author: comlodge
Medium: Art – Banner
Rating: PG
Season: S7
A/N: For me the scene of Buffy sleeping in Spike’s arms is the turning point, the boucing backpoint in the battle against the first. The good guys are in chaos having ousted Buffy and about to suffer a defeat under the new leadership. Spike’s belief and unselfish devotion to Buffy gives her heart, she retrieves the Scythe and gathers her troops back to her leadership, finds in those last moments that she can and does love and Spike finally gains his humanity in his ultimate sacrifice…

Sorry, I’ve fixed the link to the larger version, again, I hope. LJ and I have been having words though I’m not sure that Chrome isn’t the culprit. Computers – hate them/love them!


Click image for larger version without text.


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