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For my second post I have a few whole heap of wallpapers.

Once again, they come in two sizes Normal 1280 x 1024 and Widescreen 1600 x 1050 


Love Bite Love Bite_widescreen
love_bite_original love_bite_ws
Destiny Destiny_widescreen
destiny_original destiny_ws
Against all Odds Against all Odds_widescreen
against_all_odds_original against_all_odds_ws
Spuffy b&w Spuffy b&w_widescreen
spuffy_bnw_original spuffy_bnw_ws
Champion Champion_widescreen
champion_original champion_ws
Kiss Kiss_widescreen
kiss_original kiss_ws
Fantasy Fantasy_widescreen
fantasy_original (image missing)
SeasonalSpuffy 2008 SeasonalSpuffy 2008_widescreen
spuffy2008_original spuffy2008_ws

Feel free to snag; credit is GREATLY appreciated.
Please comment if taking.
If you would like any text added, just ask.
No hotlinking.



Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/306239.html