Fic ~ A Touch of Paradise

It’s the 15th here in Australia, so it’s my posting day. I signed up to do art, but the muse decided to play nice, so I have a new fic first and then an art post to follow.

Title: A Touch of Paradise
Author: Always_jbj
Rating: R 18+  (NC-17) [Just to be on the safe side.]
Season: Between Seasons 5 & 6
Summary: Love, happiness and life in general can be hard, and sometimes you make the wrong choices along the way, but sometimes you get the chance to do things right afterall.

Thank you, as always, to the wonderful Slaymesoftly for betaing. And to my lovely cheer squad, Tales, Selene and Sue for all your support.

And a big thank you, of course, to the lovely enigmatic_blue  for running this fabulous community.

*Please Note* Due to server issues I probably won’t be online again until after the 19th.

A Touch of Paradise (links to my website)

Christmas art…

It’s my posting day today. I had hoped to have something written, but alas, the muse was not forthcoming. So I bring you art instead.

First, like everyone else, I would like to thank enigmaticblues  for keeping this community alive and well…it’s a fabulous community and I am always blown away by the quality of the contributions! On that note, thank you, also, to my fellow participants. And of course to all the wonderful reviewers. It is always such a pleasure to be a part of this community.

I know it’s early (*shudders over the Christmas decorations that are already in the shops*), but as Christmas is getting closer I figured I’d start the day with some Christmas offerings…

Wallpapers come in two sizes.

Normal 1280 x 1024


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Season Seven Live Journal Layout

Well that’s it from me. I hope you’ve enjoyed the layouts. If you would like any alterations/personalisation to any of them, either comment with what you’d like, or drop me a line at and I will do my best.

Thank you to the lovely for letting me play–I’ve had fun!

I look forward to seeing all the rest of the wonderful entries.

In the meantime… It’s goodnight from me. And it’s goodnight from him. Goodnight! (Err… possibly dating myself just a little there! LOL)


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