Vid: Eternal (The Story of Spuffy)

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Today is the free posting day, right? Well I thought that I would post this video up and hope for the best :D The banner was made for me by the awesome ladydunedain.

Summary: I actually finished this video a few months ago, but haven’t really pimped it anywhere because of my newness to the fandom. My goal was to take lots of my favourite Spuffy moments from the course of the show and attempt to tell the story of the ship without the aid of any lyrics. The piece of instrumental music I used is by Evanescence, so I hope you will excuse the cliché and enjoy!

Link to the video:

PS: I have this linked from Buffytube but I’m not sure how stable that website will remain in the coming months. If anyone can suggest another host I’d really appreciate it!

You can also download the video here


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