The Grundy Affair Chapter 9

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Buffy and Spike are recruited to protect an important gift for a high ranking official and discover there is more at stake.
13 chapters, complete, rated PG,  Drama and humor. Story begins here.

Chapter 9

The immature Grundy is a very sociable pet and easily trained for a variety of tasks. It can be housebroken as early as the second week after birth and by the third week may be taught several one word commands. For additional, more comprehensive tasks or security training, it is necessary to wait until the Grundy has attained four weeks of age. All training should be completed by the six week mark. After that point has been reached, it becomes much more difficult to train and may require professional help.

-The Complete Manual of Domestic Demon Care
2001 Edition
Chapter 3- The Grundy


“Hi Giles, Anya.” Willow walked through the door and gasped. “Wow, what happened to all your stuff. Did I sleep through another earthquake?”

Giles muttered. “A fur covered earthquake.”

Anya put down the pad and pencil. “It’s not completely fur covered; remember the scales on its stomach?”

Willow’s mouth dropped. “The Grundy did all of this?”

“Actually a little bit of it happened when I got conked on the head, but the majority of it is definitely Grundy created.”  She smiled at Xander, who’d just walked in behind Willow, carrying several fast food bags.

“Lunch is served. Hey Will, want some tacos?” He stopped to lock the door behind him and peered out the window.

The redhead shook her head. “No thanks, I just ate.” Sitting down at the table, she opened her laptop. “You guys go ahead and eat. I’m going to check on an assignment that’s due in a couple of days. When you’re finished, we’ll talk Grundy.”

Giles watched Xander peer out the window for another moment before walking up. “What are you looking at?”

“There are a couple of guys watching the shop. The same car was sitting down the street when I left and it’s still there.” Listening to the women chatting behind him, he lowered his voice. “Anya said the man who knocked her out last night was dressed all in black. Both of those guys are wearing all black.” Xander’s hands curled into fists. “What do you want to do about it?”

“Nothing for the moment. What they’re doing isn’t illegal and the only thing they’ve learned sitting there so far is that we like tacos.” He spoke a little louder for the women’s benefit. “Did you remember extra hot sauce? I specifically requested it.”

While the other three ate their lunch, Willow looked through her email for the professor’s assignment. “Huh.”  Eyes wide, she looked over at Giles eating his nachos. “Giles, I’ve got an email here that you need to see.”

“Whatever for?”

“Because it’s addressed to you.”  At the Watchers curious look, she elaborated. “It’s addressed to you in care of me in my university email account. Remember when we gave the Council my addy a few months ago in case of an emergency?” Willow tapped the computer keys. “It’s from Lydia Chalmers. Who is she?”

“Another Watcher, currently stationed in London.”

Grimly Giles explained to Anya and Xander watching them both curiously, their own food forgotten. “In case of an emergency situation, the Council wanted a second way to reach Watchers out in the field and Willow volunteered her email address for my use. Lydia was in charge of that project, actually.”

Xander looked at the older man. “Then I’m going to take a wild stab here and guess this probably won’t be the corporate newsletter.”

Leaning over Willow’s shoulder, Giles read the email out loud to everyone.


Quentin is being watched, so the task has fallen to me to apprise you of a growing situation. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed several unknown men around you. They seek an expensive and ancient Talisman and they will stop at nothing to procure it. It will be deadly in their hands as they plan to derail the summit and destroy many lives.

Two weeks ago the Talisman was secretly shipped from Los Angeles to the Hellmouth  where everyone assumed it would be safe, especially with you and the Slayer as backup if necessary. It was given to a member of The Sisterhood for safe keeping; however we’ve been notified by the others within her circle that she was brutally murdered yesterday.

The Talisman’s current location has yet to be discovered by anyone, including the Council. Personally, I believe this is a good thing. Although Quentin refuses to believe that there is a spy among us, someone here pointed those men toward Sunnydale, so we have acted accordingly. We are depending on you and the Slayer to locate the Talisman and destroy it. Included within the attachment are instructions on how best to accomplish this task.

Good luck,


“Extraordinary. A spy within the Council. Xander, see if those men are still outside.”

“What men?” Anya asked.

“I didn’t want to frighten you, but we were being watched earlier.”

Xander peered out the window. “We still are.”

Giles thought out loud. “According to that newspaper article, the only person murdered yesterday was the breeder, so she must have been the member of the Sisterhood. That would explain why someone broke in here last night. Somehow they learned she dropped the Grundy here and it was probably the only thing that had left her breeding facility in the past few days.”

“But there wasn’t anything unusual packed in with the Grundy’s things, I would have noticed,” Anya countered.

Willow interrupted the debate. “Shouldn’t we call Buffy and fill her in on everything? I promised to call an hour ago.”

“That’s a good idea. We all need to be on the same page.”

Pulling out the phone number she’d scribbled down that morning, Willow reached for the phone.


Buffy swallowed the last bite of pizza. “That was delish. Remind me to order their pizza again sometime.”

“Plan on returnin’ to Seabreeze some time in the future, ‘eh pet?”

“Well, this place is a hell hole, but you know, it could’ve been way worse.”  She held up her hand. “I’m not saying it wins weekend getaway of the year, but on the Buffy meter of habitable hideouts, I’d give it a solid 6.5.” She wrinkled her nose. “If we could actually leave the motel room, it would probably zoom to a solid 7.”

“Yeah, who would have thought the Slayer could’ve been such an entertainin’ companion? It’s been such a nice change of pace.” Spike wanted to smack himself the moment the words left his mouth. Almost in slow motion, he watched Buffy realize what he’d said. A thunderous scowl appeared and her eyes flashed.

Bloody hell, why can’t I ever learn when to shut up? Had to go and give her a reason to be pissed off at me. What a ponce and we were getting’ along so well, too. I’ve got to fix this.

Feeling the sudden tension in the room, the Grundy looked up and her eyes darted between the two blonds.

Continuing to lean against the door jamb, the Slayer’s eyebrows arched. “Are you really that much of a jerk, or do you only play one in real life?   

Grimacing at the Slayer’s tone of voice more than her choice of words, Spike sighed and ran his hand through his hair. “Slayer, last night you asked for a do-over. Today I’d like to ask for one. I’m sorry; I didn’t mean it. It was supposed to be a joke; it just didn’t come out that way. You know my mouth has a habit of running a lot faster than my brain.” He tried for a smile. “I guess I am that much of a jerk. In fact, I’d have to say that on the Buffy meter of stupidity, I just plummeted to 4.5.”

“I’m thinking more like a new low of 4 or maybe 3.5.” But her conscience prodded her.  Spike had given her a break last night when she’d had her own case of foot in mouth disease and had not only forgiven her but managed to save them both from an entire night of unpleasantness and arguing. I do owe him this.

The telephone suddenly rang, breaking the tension. Buffy’s face creased in a forgiving smile. “And he was saved from further groveling by the bell.” Reaching for the phone, she added, “You’re forgiven, because when it comes to each other, we’re both mutually good at foot bullets.”

Spike answered with a relieved smile of his own.


“To what do I owe this surprising visit to my home?” Morty leaned back in his desk chair, scowling at the black clad man standing in front of him. “I certainly don’t remember extending any personal invitations.”

The Lieutenant shifted. “I understand your need to maintain discretion and I respect that. However my Captain has requested an update from you and it can not wait until tonight. You were told when we secured this partnership that our time is very limited.”

“I do have some information.” Morty’s close set eyes glittered. “And I will be expecting some type of compensation as we discussed previously. Information is an important commodity here on the Hellmouth.”

The man dipped his head slightly. “As it is in most places. What have you discovered?”

“I believe I know who has your missing property.” He amended the statement and watched the soldier snap to attention.. “At least as recently as late last night.”

“Where is it?”

“It is in the safekeeping of a vampire named Spike. He has a crypt over in Restfield Cemetery.” The Lieutenant nodded briskly and made a move to leave, but Morty stopped him. “We went to retrieve your property, but Spike had already skipped.”

Frowning, the man asked, “Then of what value is this information?”

“Because you don’t know the rest. Spike is a weird vamp. He runs around occasionally with a bunch of white hat do-gooders and he was with the Slayer at the time.” The loan shark muttered almost to himself. “The traitor.”

“I was told there was a Slayer situated at this Hellmouth, but there was no indication that she was involved in any way. In fact my source assured me that she knew nothing about the situation. Where is she?”

“I don’t know where she is presently, but your Captain can be certain that if you locate the Slayer, you’ll locate your missing property, too.”

“Your information is still of no value. I have no way to trace her.”

“That’s not entirely true. She has someone who knows where she is at all times. I sent someone to check this morning and her Watcher is still here.”

“Then I shall pay a visit to the Watcher, but first I must notify my Captain.”

The loan shark smiled, displaying sharp, gleaming white teeth. “I thought that would be your decision. We’ll accompany you of course. I’ll wait while you phone to gather your men together.”

He motioned to Vinny standing at the door. “Get a couple of the boys. Tell them to be here in an hour.” He smiled again. “After all, partners should stick together, at least until we can dissolve our little partnership equitably.”

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