The Grundy Affair Chapter 1

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Hi everyone *waves* Today is my turn to post and since I’m one of the first, I’d like to thank enigmaticblues for all of her hard work on behalf of this community.

Summary: Buffy and Spike are recruited to protect an important gift  and discover there is something more at stake. Drama and Humor.

A/N: AU-ish. Set after a chipped Spike moves to his crypt. Don’t scrutinize too closely, I’ve changed canon a bit before and a lot after. This story is complete, the first of a planned three story arc. As always, thanks to my beta enigmaticblues. I tinkered after her read through, so all errors are mine.

Disclaimer: Characters owned by Joss, ME and Fox. I lay claim only to the plot.

The story is 13 chapters and all are rated PG. 31,906 words

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