Drabble Series: Always on my Mind PG

Title: Always on my Mind
Set: various moments from season 2 to 7
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters and Sunnydale itself was created by Joss and owned by bunches of corporations in which I do not own shares. Written for fun, not profit.
A/N: Random moments when our lovers were on each other’s minds– whether they wanted it or not. Unbeta’d.

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FIC: Just Right 1/1 (Teen)

Hello everyone. I love snark. So I went back to the beginning, a nascent canon-friendly Spuffy set between School Hard and Halloween. There were a few Spikeless episodes; you can’t believe that he was sitting around quietly, can you? Nope, me neither! E.T.A: This is a one shot, there might be drabbles later.

Title: Just Right

Author: SunnyD_lite

Set: Between Reptile Boy and Halloween, Season Two

Rating: Teen – innuendo

Summary: Between School Hard and Halloween, we didn’t see Spike. What was he up to?

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