Drabble Series: Always on my Mind PG

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Title: Always on my Mind
Set: various moments from season 2 to 7
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters and Sunnydale itself was created by Joss and owned by bunches of corporations in which I do not own shares. Written for fun, not profit.
A/N: Random moments when our lovers were on each other’s minds– whether they wanted it or not. Unbeta’d.


I can’t believe he said the triangle! Like Mom’s going to buy that!

He’s coming to me to save the world and he doesn’t think I can drum? Triangles are so kindergarten-lame. I’ll give him a drumming he won’t forget– but I can’t. I actually need his help to save Giles, to pull this off.

So he convinced me he’s got a stake– h’uh funny– in making sure this world keeps on turning. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Doesn’t mean I’m forgetting that triangle remark.

No matter what happens, if he comes back to Sunnydale, he’s so dusted.


Returning to the Scene of the Crime

I’m only back cause we were happy here. At least I think we were happy. It was good a first, even if my wicked plum was sick. Then everything went pear-shaped. She got well and I got stuck in the bloody chair, and then Daddy pops up. So when exactly were we happy?

It’s the damn Slayer’s fault. No don’t ask me how but life was good until we ran into her blondeness.
Never trust a blonde.

What are you looking at? Me, never said you could trust me, pet.

So what do you say about grabbing a quick bite?


Alternative Measures

The one girl in all the world. Right now I’d kill for that. Nope I’m the Slayer who has to look out for wacky magic from my best friend, ignore my other friend cuddling up with an, alright ex-demon, and I’ve got a boyfriend whose going through withdrawal symptoms.

Add the joy of hiding five of us in Xander’s basement with its welcoming aroma of mildew and bleach and don’t begin to discuss the stress one chipped vamp’s being giving me.

Maybe I could stake Spike? Sure it won’t help with the current crisis but GOD it would feel good.


Mind Games

Bloody hell. Don’t tell me that this is happening to me. And here I thought HARM was as low as I could sink.

Wait, wasn’t she reading some “Analyze your dreams” clap trap? And since her lips move I must have overhear it. Sublimation that the ticket, the old noggin just got confused between its favourite activities.

That’s a bit of all right then. Along as it meant I want to fight the Slayer. Although never turn down a good fuck and I’ve heard stories…

Just bloody not falling for the chit. Not going to let that happen.


A Friend in Need

Several rounds shot. One Slayer hit. One friend killed.

One murderer to protect. One best friend to protect from herself.

Her life, which was barely holding together, was now blown apart.

The best person for Dawn right now was Spike, even better that Dawn thought it was her idea. They needed someone they both could trust, and she did trust him, with Dawn.

Spike would protect Dawn with his life. She needed to know that this time Dawn was safe. It was a perfect plan.

And the one person who could make them both feel safe, was no longer there.


No Defence

She finally said everything he felt. The punishments were a new touch, much more direct than last year’s emotional trips. He particularly like it when Dru, the other person he’d failed, turned up to add to the fun.

He knew it wasn’t the real Buffy. Even at her brittlest, she would never delegate the torture.
Torture he could stand. But when she cut him down and carried him home, that was when he broke.

He’d learnt resilience from the best. Angelus, for all his faults, was good at torture.

Kindness. That commodity was so rare, that he had no defense.


A/N: I’ve also posted a fic I wrote a couple of years ago, but which I never posted on LJ. This dark NC-17 fic entitled Oasis is in my journal. You can find it: Here


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