Fic: Rueda

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Title: Rueda

Author: stuffandnonsense

Summary: Set a few months after my story The Sharing Game, Angel and his partner Sally watch Buffy and Spike dancing.
Rating: G

All the usual disclaimers apply.


“Couples’ dancin’ lessons?” Sally asked incredulously.

Angel nodded.

The couple in question were struggling not to trip over each other’s feet as they marched across the floor doing something only the proudest of mothers would describe as the tango.

“He didn’t know how? At his age?”

Angel shrugged. “Dancing wasn’t fashionable when he was alive. And Dru never had the patience.”

“Can you—?”

“No!” Angel said, a little too loudly.

“Shame,” Sally sighed. “Dead romantic, dancin’.”>

“Not like that it isn’t.” Frowning, he added: “You think Buffy realises she’s leading?”

Sally laughed. “Reckon they both prefer it that way.”


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