FIC: Stupid Question (5/?) (TV-MA) and notes

Today on Free for All I post two items.

First comes more of Stupid Question, a story started on my posting day. Old chapters are here or on seasonal_spuffy  on my April 5th posting date. I expect nine chapters all together and promise weekly new chapters until the story is done if you want to follow on my LJ.

Second will come a new story called Stupid Vampire. People seemed to like Stupid Thing from my posting day and this is a followup, but the two stories are independent and can be read in either order without prejudice. One part of Stupid Vampire may be angsty for Krevlorneswath fans.

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FIC: Stupid Thing

Disclaimer: I won the rights to Buffy and her friends in a thumb wrestling match from ME, Fox, and Joss. Then I lost them back in a rock-paper-scissors marathon. Nickel owns the rights to “Stupid Thing.”

Nickel’s web site has a clip of Stupid Thing. Nickel played at the Bronze in School Hard.

Feedback: loved

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