[Fanart] I want the fire back (banner)

Title : I want the fire back

Creator : Miss Kitty

“You are full of love. You love with all your soul. It’s brighter than the fire… blinding.” – First Slayer to Buffy (season 5)

I always particularly liked the fire metaphor when it comes to Buffy and love. The way the first slayer chose to word it by saying that her love was “brighter than the fire“. When Buffy said she wanted “the fire back” in Once More, With Feeling. Spike who describes great love as something that “burns and consumes” in Seeing Red. And of course, the final scene in Chosen, in which Buffy metaphorically got the fire back, when she opens herself to (romantic) love again. I thought it was a beautiful theme regarding their relationship, so here’s a banner about it :)

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Fic : Love declaration to my toothbrush (Drabble)

1. Title : Love declaration to my toothbrush

2. Author : Miss Kitty

3. Era/season/setting : Post-Chosen, could take place in the context of the comics seasons.

4. Rating : General

5. No specific warning, this is only about Buffy & Spike :-)

Author’s note : I hesitated a lot, because this is a drabble I wrote in french years ago (here’s the link if you’re interested : https://archiveofourown.org/works/10299569), and I wanted to try to write it’s equivalent in english and share it here, but I feel kinda insecure :) Please keep in mind that english isn’t my mother tongue, I apologize in advance if there is any mistake (if you wanna let me know that there’s something I can improve, in terms of wording or anything else, please feel free!). This is the first time I try to post a fanfic in this language. Also, I feel like I have to mention that I have a strange humor, and I know that humor can be different depending on the language, so I sincerely hope this fanfic will work for you, I’m curious to know :-) Thank you to anyone who will give it a chance <3

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Picspams, icons & banners

Hi! :) This is my first participation to Seasonal Spuffy. November 5th is my day, so here we go! I wasn’t really inspired by the theme, but I tried to do some stuff that I hope you will like. I’m not great when it comes to fanarts, but I find them fun to make. :) There are picspams, icons & banners.

Happy 10th anniversary to Seasonal Spuffy!

Creator : Miss Kitty

Warning: It contains some spoilers for the comics canon (season 8 & season 10). Please be careful if you don’t want to know anything about it :)

(For the moderators: I just noticed that some tags haven’t been accepted when I wrote them, I don’t know why, but sorry about that.)

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One-Shot : Un soir comme les autres

One of my Spuffy fanfictions :) I don’t know how many French readers we have in this community, but I can try :)
This is a one-shot who takes place in season 7.

Un soir comme les autres…

Auteur : Miss Kitty (Aurélie)
Couple : Buffy/Spike
Format : One-shot
Rating : G
Localisation : Saison 7, «Dirty Girls» («L’armée des ombres», 7×18)
Résumé : Buffy et Spike se trouvent dans un cimetière pour une habituelle patrouille.
Note de l’auteure : Une petite scène qui me trottait dans la tête et qui ne demandait qu’à être mise par écrit. Entendons nous bien, j’adore complètement le fait que Buffy et Spike montrent des signes évidents de jalousie quand une personne s’approche d’un peu trop près, mais sans jamais aller jusqu’à le manifester clairement auprès de l’autre, parce qu’ils le respectent et ne veulent rien lui imposer. C’est la définition même de leur relation en saison 7: amour, certes, mais également subtilité et respect.

Mais j’en avais envie : ) Je ne sais pas ce que ça vaut, mais j’espère que ça vous plaira.

Vous remarquerez un petit parallèle avec Touched sur la fin. N’hésitez pas à laisser des commentaires!

Disclamer: Les personnages et le concept de base ne m’appartiennent pas, mais sont à Joss Whedon, la Fox, UPN… etc.

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