Fic : Love declaration to my toothbrush (Drabble)

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1. Title : Love declaration to my toothbrush

2. Author : Miss Kitty

3. Era/season/setting : Post-Chosen, could take place in the context of the comics seasons.

4. Rating : General

5. No specific warning, this is only about Buffy & Spike :-)

Author’s note : I hesitated a lot, because this is a drabble I wrote in french years ago (here’s the link if you’re interested :, and I wanted to try to write it’s equivalent in english and share it here, but I feel kinda insecure :) Please keep in mind that english isn’t my mother tongue, I apologize in advance if there is any mistake (if you wanna let me know that there’s something I can improve, in terms of wording or anything else, please feel free!). This is the first time I try to post a fanfic in this language. Also, I feel like I have to mention that I have a strange humor, and I know that humor can be different depending on the language, so I sincerely hope this fanfic will work for you, I’m curious to know :-) Thank you to anyone who will give it a chance <3


« Listen, I love you. I really do. And if you dare to tell me again that I don’t, I swear, I’ll kill you myself this time. »

Buffy had been looking at her reflection in the mirror for the past thirty minutes, repeating her speech over and over again, her voice uncertain. She dropped her serious face, and her body language became uncomfortable again.

A sigh escaped her mouth.

Preparing a speech wasn’t one of her best skills. Things never went the way she expected them to. But she was even less good when it came to improv.

Someone knocked at the door. « Buffy ? » she heard Spike say from the other side.

The Slayer froze, looking right at the door’s reflection in the mirror. « We have to go, what are you doing in there? »

« Nothing, » she answered way too quickly, her voice sounding nervous. « I’m… brushing my teeth. »

She sighed again and closed her eyes. Zero credibility.

« O-kay… Let me guess, you’ve been talking to your toothbrush the entire time? »

« Hmm, yeah. We have some… unfinished business. »

Even if she couldn’t see him, Buffy could perfectly imagine Spike smile and shake his head fondly. « Didn’t know you had such a special relationship with it. I should probably reincarnate as a toothbrush next time. »

She froze.

Nope. Definitely not good for improvisation.

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