Fic: Ars Amatoria (1/1) by ladyanne04

My posting day – wish I had time to write more this round. Thanks to enigmaticblues for keeping this going!

Ars Amatoria

Author: ladyanne04
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters will always belong to Joss, and I just like to play with them.
Timeline: Season 5 – Triangle
Summary: A “missing scene” from Triangle, Season 5 – just after Olaf returns the land of shrimp or no shrimp. A moment of reflection for a vampire.

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Fic: Reoffender 1/4

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Reoffender

Thanks to enigmaticblues  for continuing to maintain this. I had to miss my original posting day, so following is a story I first began posting for seasonal_spuffy  two years ago, finally complete.

Title: Reoffender
Author: Anne
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post both AtS and BtVS finales. Mild spoilers for early S8 comics.
Disclaimers: Still not mine. Wish they were.
Summary: “They say it’s really him, William the Bloody.” Even with a Slayer’s stake pressed to his chest, she could hear the worshipful tone. “They, they say the city’s wide open now, after last year, that Wolfram and Hart debacle, word’s out that he’s recruiting, building an army. Gonna be the Master of LA, I reckon.  Continue Reading

Time Is Running Out – Chapter 2

Title: Time is Running Out
Author: Anne
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Set post S4 Something Blue (BtVS) and post S5 Soul Purpose (AtS).
A/N: Thanks to all the lovely people who commented on the first chapter I posted back in April, and to enigmaticblues for including an open day! Sadly, I still haven’t been able to quite finish the story, but have at least one more chapter to add as this round of wonderful fic and art draws to a close.  Continue Reading


Thanks to enigmaticblues  for continuing this community – it’s wonderful to see so many things still being created after all these years. Determined not to begin yet another WIP, this is a one-shot (but complete!) Enjoy!

Title: Survivor
Author: Anne
Rating: PG
Setting: Post BtVS and AtS. Quotes from S4 Fool for Love
Summary: Buffy Summers. She hasn’t used that name in months, hasn’t even thought of herself as Buffy in weeks. It’s easier, becoming someone else. She stays under the radar and they think she died with all the others.

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Fic: Re-Offender

Title: Re-Offender
Author: Anne (ladyanne04)
Rating: PG-13 (this chapter)
Disclaimer: Not mine at all, just playing in Joss’s sandbox.
Spoilers: Post Buffy S7 and Angel S5. Vague in the extreme spoilers for the Buffy S8 comics (as in I’ve read them and suspect a few details have influenced some things in the story but no huge plot points for the comics are given away).
Notes: I’m figuratively gnashing my teeth at myself for starting another WIP, but real life didn’t let me get this one completed before the deadline. Remaining chapters will be posted at my LJ and website, and some Spuffy archives.
Summary: There’s a void of power in LA after the final confrontation with Wolfram & Hart. Who’s going to fill it?

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Fic – Anticipation

And here’s my second offering – a small bit of fic. Thanks for letting me share!

Title: Anticipation
Medium: Fanfic
Rating: R for language.
Pairings: S/B, allusions to B/A, B/R
Disclaimer: BtVS and its characters are not my property and this fanfic is intended for entertainment purposes only.
A/N: Set in Season 5 following Crush, and pretty much AU from there.

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