Fic: Reoffender 1/4

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Thanks to enigmaticblues  for continuing to maintain this. I had to miss my original posting day, so following is a story I first began posting for seasonal_spuffy  two years ago, finally complete.

Title: Reoffender
Author: Anne
Rating: PG-13
Setting: Post both AtS and BtVS finales. Mild spoilers for early S8 comics.
Disclaimers: Still not mine. Wish they were.
Summary: “They say it’s really him, William the Bloody.” Even with a Slayer’s stake pressed to his chest, she could hear the worshipful tone. “They, they say the city’s wide open now, after last year, that Wolfram and Hart debacle, word’s out that he’s recruiting, building an army. Gonna be the Master of LA, I reckon.  Continue Reading