The R Word

I’m not sure what possessed me to write this particular story. Perhaps guilt over my many many Spike-gets-raped stories.

Spuffy. Early season six. Buffy and Spike are into the smoochies but not past that yet, and Giles didn’t leave after OMWF because why on earth would you have Giles leave if you can help it? :P

Oh, and Spike gets raped. Sorry. Spoiler or warning? I’m not sure. Warning for my noncon/bdsm fans: it’s not graphic. Again, sorry.

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Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire

And here it is! Your third part for today! As I said, I will be posting the chapters on my own journal after this, but I will put a link at the bottom of this post leading to the fourth chapter and from that chapter to the next and so on. Chapters will post one a day, with a three day lag as I post these three chapters to my journal first!

No warning to this chapter, but hopefully you will all see why I thought it made a nice stopping – or at least pausing – point. :)

If this is all new to you, Check out Chapter One!

As always, all glories to snickfic!!

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Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire

Hello all! My first Seasonal Spuffy evah!!

This is a fic in 10 parts (possibly 11. I’m working on 10 now, you see. Sorry, I failed to finish for the deadline!) I’ll post the first three chapters today, as I think they make a nice little thing together, and then I’ll follow up on my journal? Is that good, or should I wait until “open posting” day?

Warning: Fluffy! People who like my writing might not believe this, so I have to emphasise that this story is strong with the fluff side of the force.

Summary: After getting caught with Anya in the Magic Box, Spike tries a different drastic tactic to make it all better: he proposes.

I owe much love to my beta snickfic, who held my hand through the strange world of fluff, and the occasional drama-queen explosion of writer’s block.

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