Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire

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Hello all! My first Seasonal Spuffy evah!!

This is a fic in 10 parts (possibly 11. I’m working on 10 now, you see. Sorry, I failed to finish for the deadline!) I’ll post the first three chapters today, as I think they make a nice little thing together, and then I’ll follow up on my journal? Is that good, or should I wait until “open posting” day?

Warning: Fluffy! People who like my writing might not believe this, so I have to emphasise that this story is strong with the fluff side of the force.

Summary: After getting caught with Anya in the Magic Box, Spike tries a different drastic tactic to make it all better: he proposes.

I owe much love to my beta snickfic, who held my hand through the strange world of fluff, and the occasional drama-queen explosion of writer’s block.

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Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire Part 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Perils of the Self-Domesticating Vampire

And here it is! Your third part for today! As I said, I will be posting the chapters on my own journal after this, but I will put a link at the bottom of this post leading to the fourth chapter and from that chapter to the next and so on. Chapters will post one a day, with a three day lag as I post these three chapters to my journal first!

No warning to this chapter, but hopefully you will all see why I thought it made a nice stopping – or at least pausing – point. :)

If this is all new to you, Check out Chapter One!

As always, all glories to snickfic!!

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