fic: Glimpses

Yay, early Seasonal Spuffy kick-off! And what do you know, the next glimpses already lying around on my computer are School Hard ones :)

As these are just glimpses into their heads (and hearts) throughout the series, you really don’t need to read the first chapters posted here in May. Also – again unbetaed due to spontaneity.

Thanks so much to the mods for keeping this so very much alive (and dragging me back in)!
So, here goes:

Title: Glimpses
Author: freecat15
Era: Season 1 – 7 (this chapter: S2)
Rating: PG13
Summary: Glimpses into the story of a Slayer and a Vampire. A series of drabbles along the series, each of which can be read as stand-alone; sometimes two build a unit, as is the case here
Word Count: 2 x 100

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Fic: Glimpses [1 – 3 / ?]

Hi! *waves*
I didn’t sign up this time because I wasn’t sure if I was going to have something done until now, and I wasn’t so wrong. I didn’t write a word until – yeah, until Seasonal Spuffy started (YAY!) and really lured my muse out. It’s not much yet, but it’s a start, and since it’s now exactly (almost to the minute!) 1 year that I posted here for the first time, and its a Free-For-All day, I thought I should celebrate it with a post…

I’m afraid it’s not Spuffy yet. It will be eventually,

Also, due to my fickle muse waking up so late, it’s unbeta-ed. So, in case you find a mistake or any weird expression (not a native speaker, so it’s not unlikely…), please tell me.

Title: Glimpses
Author: freecat15
Era: Season 1 – 7 (these chapters: S1 and S2)
Rating: PG13
Summary: Glimpses into the story of a Slayer and a Vampire. A series of drabbles along the series, each of which can be read as stand-alone; sometimes two build a unit.
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Fic: Five times Spike and Buffy were under the influence of… and one time they weren’t

It’s my posting day, yay!

I was quite shocked when I saw garnigal ‘s entry (as much as there was still room for more shock, given her posting date), and even more so when I saw how really amazing it is. (If you haven’t read it, I strongly recommend you go do it!) But my awesome cheer-me-on beta thenewbuzwuzz  told me (unasked, I might add :) thank you for that, honey!) I shouldn’t worry, it was different enough from mine, so I stopped thinking about throwing it away and go into hiding on my posting day.

Mine lacks the total awesomeness that is garnigal’s almost poetic piece and is intstead more of a run-of-the-mill fic, but hey, I offer more words, that’s something, right?

A huge thanks to my two betas! While Thenewbuzwuzz was my first impression voice on the raw draft, encouraged me and pointed out some ‘huh?’-moments, my amzing long-time beta (well, it is more than a year now, is it?) seapealsh took care of all those preposition errors, the weird cases of ‘-ing’ or not to ‘-ing’, and generally all those things that happen when a non-native speaker butchers your wonderful language. I’d be lost without her. Thank you both so much!!!

I also want to thank the mods for all the work they put into making this amazing event possible, time after time!
So, here goes… enjoy!

Title: Five times Spike and Buffy were under the influence of…and one time they weren’t
Author: freecat15
Setting: s4 to post series
Rating: PG-13; contains canon typical violence and sex.
Length: ~ 3,500 words

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Fic: A New Life

Just in time for my posting day double_dutchess posted the beautiful icon that I of course had to snag right away :) Thank you for allowing it!
Many thanks to my two betas, my dear friend braxen, who encouraged me to sign up in the first place after reading the raw draft and gave me some very good advice, and my wonderful, spontaneous, reliable and most sensitive beta seapealsh who cares for you not being taken out of the story by my second-language mistakes.
After all the fantastic posts until now I’m even more proud to participate!
Contains canon typical violence and sex.

Title: A New Life
Author: freecat15
Setting: Tabula Rasa (btvs s6)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 4.365 words

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Fic: Butterflies (Drabble)

Round 20 started, the page is still empty, and here in Germany May Day is nearly over. So I decided to get things started with a quick drabble. It’s also my very first entry at Seasonal Spuffy, and I’m pretty nervous…
It’s not fitting the round’s theme, though, but I wrote for the kick-off GIF, that’s something, right?

Thanks to the wonderful mods who keep Seasonal Spuffy alive! I’m proud to participate this year!

English isn’t my first language, and I couldn’t find a beta on such a short notice (this wasn’t planned at all), but since I have to post until midnight in my time zone, I’ll just hope there aren’t any weirdnesses. (Don’t hesitate to tell me if there are mistakes, though. Please.)

So, here goes…

Title: Butterflies
Author: freecat15
Era: Season 4
Setting: Something Blue
Rating: G
Word Count: 100

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