fic: Glimpses

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Yay, early Seasonal Spuffy kick-off! And what do you know, the next glimpses already lying around on my computer are School Hard ones :)

As these are just glimpses into their heads (and hearts) throughout the series, you really don’t need to read the first chapters posted here in May. Also – again unbetaed due to spontaneity.

Thanks so much to the mods for keeping this so very much alive (and dragging me back in)!
So, here goes:

Title: Glimpses
Author: freecat15
Era: Season 1 – 7 (this chapter: S2)
Rating: PG13
Summary: Glimpses into the story of a Slayer and a Vampire. A series of drabbles along the series, each of which can be read as stand-alone; sometimes two build a unit, as is the case here
Word Count: 2 x 100

So that’s her. The newest her.
She’s remarkable.
How she moves! There’s power behind that swing of her hips.
She’s different from the others, more intense, somehow. And how her little pals flutter around her, basking in her light. That’s new, a slayer with friends.
She’s glowing. He can feel her brightness like her power seeping into him, even far away, there in the dark. And how her skin glistens, just like her eyes.
She’s beautiful. He really wants to dance with her.
Soon she’ll be his.
He wonders if he’ll feel the fire in her when he touches her.


She knows it from the moment he steps out of the shadow, applauding her for her fight – this vampire is dangerous.
He emanates energy like none of the others ever have. He seems more alive than some humans she knows, and isn’t that just weird?
Somehow she can’t lift her eyes from him, it’s like they are the needle to his north pole. And suddenly she’s aware that the hairs at the nape of her neck are standing up and her stomach does a strange flippy thing.
She’s not scared of him, though.
Maybe that’s why he’s so dangerous.

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