Her Memories The Colour Of Smoke

Last second post. Sorry I missed my assigned day, time ran out as it does sometimes and I couldn’t keep up. So here.

The scene popped into my head as I was finally reading Season 8 and took up residency there. Call it grieving, call it commemoration, call it missing the last person she felt a real connection to, call it being lonely. Whatever you call it, in my world, Buffy needed it.

Okay, I needed it. Season 8 made me really, really need it.

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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series To Apprehend Air

This being my first ever post on this community : thank you guys for keeping our love for this universe alive, stirring its embers to life from time to time. It is greatly appreciated.

Now I have completely missed my assigned day and all other possible posting opportunities because life slapped me around a bit this month. But I have a little something to show at the last possible moment :

Because… Wasn’t this moment supposed to be beautiful?

Weren’t souls supposed to be?

To Apprehend Air, by quinara

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