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This being my first ever post on this community : thank you guys for keeping our love for this universe alive, stirring its embers to life from time to time. It is greatly appreciated.

Now I have completely missed my assigned day and all other possible posting opportunities because life slapped me around a bit this month. But I have a little something to show at the last possible moment :

Because… Wasn’t this moment supposed to be beautiful?

Weren’t souls supposed to be?

To Apprehend Air, by quinara

The passage from the quinara’s short story drove me to reimagine Spike’s soul as something alive, awakened after a long period of time, restricting, angry, painful.

You can click on the picture to see it fullsized. It is an original illustration and feel free to use and abuse it at will (icons, banners, repost) but please be careful to cite the source : and/or bump me on LJ. I like to see where my art ends up.

For those interested, I will be posting the process work and different versions of the illustration on my LJ, that you can also use for icons or whatever else pleases your soul.

Thank you all, I hope you enjoy.


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