Wallpapers and Icons

Hello everyone! I’m hoping livejournal will stay up long enough for me to post this. I’ve got some icons and wallpapers to share today, hope you enjoy. :)

I wanted to focus more on the ‘little moments’ between Spike and Buffy, and there are four wallpapers plus various icons from the same episodes.

Thanks to the mods for keeping this community going!


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Hello everyone! I have a couple of pieces of artwork to share. I had hoped to make more, but real life has been incredibly busy and this is all I had time to make. I might have a short fic to post later today if I manage to finish up some edits.

Many thanks to ladyofthelog and snickfic for continuing to run this wonderful community.

I hope you like!

Header and Icon Sets

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Fic: And Round Again (1/2)

Title: And Round Again
Rating: PG-13
Beta: ssddgr 
: Spike and Dawn manage to persuade Buffy that what she really needs is some time off, and what better than a night of roller coasters, cotton candy and all the fun of the local fair. She should have known that nothing is ever that simple in Sunnydale. Set in early season six.
Notes: This is complete at just over 5,000 words. Many thanks to Sotia for beta reading. I hope you enjoy. :)

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