School Hard poetry kits (Not a Spectator Sport)

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Title: Not a Spectator Sport
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz
Setting: School Hard (as material), indeterminate (as actual setting)
Rating: PG-13 (potentially)

Notes: Okay, I’m opening, but I’m opening with a thing that people can participate in.
You know how I sometimes mutilate shooting scripts? This isn’t one of those times. This time, I invite *you* to mess with a transcript. Instructions are under the cut.


This is meant to work like magnetic poetry: you can drag the words around and arrange them into new phrases. I’m using the word ‘poetry’ broadly: it can be whatever you like. I hope it’s fun.

I encourage you to leave the words disarranged after you’re done – no need to put anything back where you took it!

Please count on everything changing, so if you want to save a word pattern (take a screenshot or write it down), do it immediately.

In turn, if you see a word pattern that someone else made, you are absolutely allowed to take it apart again (unless you see they’re working on it right that moment).

Links to poetry kits:

To play with the very first words Spike and Buffy exchange (and also Stupid Thing by Nickel), go here.

To unleash Buffyspeak on Spike’s threat to kill Buffy’s friends and some other dialogue bits, go here.

To marvel at how little it takes to make the “do we really need weapons” conversation sound dirty, go here.

Further notes:

The files are probably going to freeze a lot if multiple people are present (heck, they freeze if one person works too fast; I hope you enjoy feeling like you’re in a clunky vintage computer game). This is why I made three. My best suggestion is to try one of the other links if the one you’re on keeps lagging.

I’m curious about how well this format will work – in a technical *and* artsy sense -, if, indeed, it works at all. Feel free to tell me all about it.

Also, I think anything you make there totally counts as School Hard fan fiction, so, you know, it would be a valid entry for the free-for-all. ;)

School Hard was conceived by Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt, written by David Greenwalt, and directed by John T. Kretchmer. All hail.


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