School Hard mini-season

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Ok – no time to write something new, but this very short piece written waaaaay back in the day for someone (name on story, I think) is set in School Hard. It’s all I’ve got that isn’t just one scene in a much longer fic with no relation to SH. This scene stands on its own:


For Braat 44 who wanted to see a Season II attraction between Spike and Buffy.

Do we really need weapons?
words 375
rating pg13


“Do we really need weapons for this?” Buffy dropped her axe and waited to see what the vampire would do. When he dropped his own weapon and drawled, “But they make me feel so manly,” she knew she’d found his weakness. He couldn’t resist a challenge.

Then he ran his hands down his chest, past his flat abdomen and her gaze was drawn to the bulge in his jeans framed by his large hands. She blushed, trying to tear her eyes away as he prowled towards her.

Bad Buffy. Do not look at the sexy — do not look at the evil, EVIL! vampire’s crotch. Watch his eyes – no not the eyes. Eyes pretty, and sexy and… watch his hands and feet!

Spike looked back at the blushing picture of teenage pulchritude facing him and licked his lips.

She’s just a slayer. Just like any other one. Little prettier than most, maybe. Little smarter. But just another slayer. Don’t let her distract you with those big eyes, that lower lip, those long, tanned legs…

“You don’t look like the begging kind…” I’ll bet I could make you beg. Make you moan. Make you scream… Can smell how much you want me, little Slayer.

Why is he looking at me like that? Like I’m a piece of candy and he’s about to lick me… no – no licking! Licking leads to biting and other bad… things.

“Oh no, Spike. It’s going to hurt …a lot.”

Bloody hell, Didn’t think I could get any harder, but that did it. Oh yeah, baby. You can hurt me anytime. Lay it on, Slayer. Give it to me good.

“Are we going to do this, or what?”

Okay, Buffy. Not the smartest thing you’ve ever said. Why is he grinning like that? You’d think he could tell that he’s turning me on. That I’d rather be kissing him than hitting him… gah!

Vampire and Slayer came together and there were no sounds except that of fists on flesh, bodies impacting walls and floors, grunts of pain or effort and the occasional muttered expletive as they tested each other and realized they’d each found a match.


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