Nothing to Fear, Season 1 one-shot Part 2

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Grrrr, LJ is just making me grumpy this morning.  This is really a oneshot, not a three parter!  Hope you enjoy.

William settled back on the cot where he watched Buffy take off her boots and pants.  Finally she stood in front of him clad only in a wisp of fabric around her pleasure mound.  He felt his shyness slipping away like smoke in a breeze.  William wanted to do so many things at that moment that he wasn’t sure where to start.  The need to wax poetic was eclipsed by the need to pull Buffy close.

William wiggled a finger in a come hither gesture with more confidence than he felt.  He wanted to feel the softness of Buffy’s skin against his.

“You are even prettier naked than you are dressed,” Buffy cooed.  She licked her suddenly dry lips as she put her fingers inside the elastic band of her panties, and she lowered them down her thighs.

William bit his lip, and he suppressed a whimper.  He caught the undies that Buffy threw into his face.  He inhaled her feminine scent.  William’s hand drifted down to his erection which he grasped with a tight fist.

Buffy’s eyes were glued to the hand gliding over the hard shaft of flesh.  “Let me help you with that,” she cooed before she moved to William’s side, and she fell to her knees.

William moaned under his breath when Buffy’s cool hand joined his on the excited flesh of his sex.  He leaned his head back to catch his breath, but he found he couldn’t when she placed her lips over the head of his cock.  His hand left his prick to tangle in Buffy’s hair, and he guided her with an intuition he didn’t know he had.

Buffy swallowed around the invading pillar of flesh, thankful that she didn’t need to breath.  The groans that spilled from William’s throat encouraged her to suck harder.  She steadied him with one hand before she took him deep within her throat in a way that she had never even dreamed about before.  Maybe having a demon inside has its good points, she thought.  Normally I’d still be really scared to do this.

“No more,” William gasped.  “I want to be in you, luv.”

Buffy pulled her mouth away from William’s cock, and she climbed up to sit in his lap.  She again steadied him with one hand as she positioned him at the entrance to her pussy.  Buffy took a deep breath before she lowered her body down the hard shaft.  She hoped that it wouldn’t hurt as bad as she’d been told about since she was not only a Slayer but a vampire as well.

William looked up into Buffy’s face.  He took in every detail of her pretty features, and he reached with one hand to cradle her head.  The other hand went to Buffy’s hip to help guide her down his prick.  When she grimaced, he realized that she wasn’t as experienced as she acted.  William kept his eyes on Buffy’s face as he leaned forward to nibble on one lovely, rose-tipped breast.

“Suck it harder,” Buffy urged.  The pleasure overcame the pain, and soon she rode William’s cock making her own moans of pleasure.

“You feel so good,” William whispered into the fragrant flesh in front of his face.  “So tight and wonderful.”

“Stay with me forever,” Buffy whispered softly but almost desperately.  “Please say you’ll stay with me.”  She buried her face in William’s neck where she inhaled his masculine scent.  She wasn’t sure she would be able to handle it if he said no.

“More than anything,” William uttered in a hoarse voice.  Buffy felt unlike anything he’d ever felt before in his life.  She was everything he could possibly want in a woman.  He was sure of it.

Buffy felt her face shift into the vampiric guise, and she sank her teeth into William’s flesh.  As she sucked out his blood, she vaguely thought about how different it tasted than Xander’s.  There was something much more potent in William’s blood.

Buffy and William both tensed up and moaned louder as their mutual orgasms washed over and through them both from the lovemaking and shared bite.  When Buffy felt William’s weakened hands fall away from her body, she pulled away from his neck, bit into her own wrist, and fed the dying man her turned Slayer blood.

“Join me, my dear William.”  Buffy kissed his forehead while she waited for him to start sucking her wrist or leave world permanently.  “Don’t leave me alone.”


 Angel knew that there was something odd going on in Sunnydale, but since it wasn’t anything that the Powers informed him about he stayed in his apartment out of harms way.  He felt a smidgen of worry about Buffy, but then he told himself that she was the Slayer.  She could handle anything that came her way.

Angel settled into the chair, and he opened up the novel he had started to read the day before.  He was through one paragraph when he felt something shift within the Aurelian family.  Another one of the members dusted that day.  Feeling around the connection very carefully, Angel discovered that the life force of his grandchilde Spike, aka William the Bloody, was no longer there.

Angel grinned to himself.  Finally, after a century plus of unliving, the pain in his ass was dead.  He’d have to go have a drink at Willy’s to celebrate when it got dark.  He returned to his book with a jubilant lift in his spirits.


 After convincing the little boy who was responsible for all the nightmares lurking around Sunnydale to confront his demon, Giles and Willow got into the Watcher’s dilapidated old car.  They raced for the city limits, happy to leave the Hellmouth behind them, both of them thinking that all their friends were dead.


 Buffy leapt away from the cool body that she had been cuddling up next to.  She looked around the room wildly, and she realized that she was at her mother’s art gallery.  Buffy looked down at her naked body in surprise.

“Come back to bed, pet,” the cool body said in a huskier voice than she remembered.

Buffy tried to cover the important bits of her body before she stuttered, “W-William?”

“Usually go by Spike these days.”  Spike leaned up on one arm to study the young girl he had been in bed with.  He didn’t usually play with his food, but he could see why he had made an exception with this one.  She was a bloody goddess.

“You’re still a vampire,” Buffy observed in a dazed voice.  “How did that happen?”

Spike raised an eyebrow.  This girl knew about vampires?  Interesting.  “I’ve been one for over 120 years.”

“Oh, uh yeah, I guess that explains it,” Buffy commented.  She looked around for her clothes.  “So, I’m just gonna get dressed now.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.”  Spike rose to his feet.  He wanted to have a little more fun before he drained the girl dry.

Buffy stepped backwards.  “Yeah, that’s really not a good idea.  I really shouldn’t be boinking the undead.  I’m pretty sure that’s not in the Slayer handbook.”

When he heard the word Slayer, Spike was on Buffy in a heartbeat.  He tossed her onto the cot, and he pinned her to the mattress.  He purred in contentment, having found the one girl in all the world that could make him even more infamous than he already was.  Spike kept Buffy’s arms and legs under control with his own body.  He was nuzzling her neck when he felt the half healed wound on her wrist.

Buffy grimaced with pain when Spike tightened his hand on her injured wrist.  She vaguely remembered ‘turning’ him while she was under the influence of the spell. Oh my God, I lost my virginity to a vampire, she thought with an inward groan.  Well, not a vampire at the time, but still a vampire.  Now he’s gonna kill me.

Spike gripped Buffy’s hair, and he twisted her head to the side.  He shifted into game face just before he sank his fangs into her flesh.  Spike took several sips of the powerful Slayer blood before he realized something.  Buffy’s blood was more than Slayer’s blood, it was Sire’s blood too.  He pulled away, and he growled, “What the soddin’ hell did you do?”

“I don’t know,” Buffy muttered.  “I’ve never been a vamp before.”  She twisted her arm again, and she winced when the torn flesh grated against the roughened skin of Spike’s palm.

Spike leaped off the Slayer, and he paced back and forth oblivious to his nakedness.  “William was a nancy-boy wanker.  Why on earth would you turn him?”

“He was pretty,” Buffy said in a quiet voice.

Spike stopped to give Buffy a dirty look.

“I’m sixteen,” Buffy protested.  “I like pretty.”

“Bloody fucking hell!”  Spike continued to swear for a few more minutes using every profanity he had learned during the past century of unliving.  “I can’t even kill you, you damned bint.  You’re my Sire now.”

“Didn’t stop Angel.”  Buffy looked confused.  “He dusted his just a few weeks ago.”

Spike gave Buffy a suspicious look before he grabbed up her clothes, and he tossed them to her.  “That stupid, idiotic poofter, he’s just tryin’ to get into your pants, Slayer.”  He was comforted by the brief touch of memory that told him that William was Buffy’s first lover.

“No, he’s not.”  Buffy pulled on her shirt.  “At least I don’t think he is.   He has a soul now, and he’s trying to be a champion.”

Spike scoffed under his breath.  There was no way he was going to let Angelus near another one of his women.  He paused for a second as he thought about what he’d just decided.  He mentally shrugged.  Having a Slayer as his mate sounded like something he would do.  He always followed his blood which didn’t always rush in the direction of his brain, and the blood in him now was Slayer blood.

“Are you upset because I’m sixteen?” Buffy asked shyly.  For some reason she felt undeniably close to this vampire, and his silence made her want to comfort him.  “Cuz, I have to say, I’ll get older.  I promise.”

Spike looked at the Slayer’s earnest face from beneath his lashes.  Given time, this girl would be one hell of a woman, and he couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out.  “Yes, you will, pet.  You’ll be the oldest Slayer in history, if I have any say about it.”

“Huh?” Buffy said inelegantly.  “Why?”

“I protect those I care about, Slayer.”  Spike put on his duster.  “Till the end of the world if necessary.”

“So, you don’t jump out of the shadows with a cryptic message, and then ride off into the sunset before the fight?”  Buffy put on her jacket too.

Spike chuckled.  “I’d be dusty if I tried to ride off into the sunset, but no.  I love a spot of violence before bed though.”  He put his arm out in a courteous manner that was very reminiscent of William.  “Shall we, my Sire?”

“Well, you did promise me forever.”  Buffy grinned as she put her arm through Spike’s.  She had no idea what was going to come of this relationship with an evil, soulless vampire, but she was more than willing to find out.


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