Nothing to Fear, Season 1 one-shot Part 1

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Hey Ladies and gents.  I just have a smutty oneshot again this year.  It’s set during Season 1’s Nightmares.  VampBuffy sees a pretty man decides to keep him.   Does anyone know if LJ has a post limit?  This story is only 4999 words by my count and I was told it was too big.

Title: Nothing to Fear
Author: Maryperk
Beta: Tasha
Rating: NC-17
Summary: VampBuffy sees a pretty man and decides to keep him.  Set in Nightmares, Season One

Buffy tossed the cooling body aside.  Her demon strangely sated from more than just the meal.  When she had risen from the grave that the Master had thrown her in she had seen Giles and Willow first, and she had been pleased to see them.  However, when Xander made his presence known, the demon now housed inside the Slayer’s body remembered the incident just a few months before where he had attacked her.   The demon didn’t take too kindly to the memory, and it returned the attack with one of its own.  Buffy watched dispassionately as Willow and Giles ran away in terror, but she still felt no desire to hunt them down.

Buffy crossed the street into the park.  She was walking along the path when she heard a soft masculine voice from a nearby bench.  Buffy peered through the bushes, and she realized that before her was the most beautiful man she’d ever seen before in her life.  His clothes were old fashioned, but he had a mop of brown hair that Buffy just wanted to run her hands through.  He looked up with a faraway gaze, and Buffy saw the clearest, brightest blue eyes above razor sharp cheekbones and full plump lips.  Buffy licked her lips in anticipation.  She shook off her game face before she slinked out from behind the bushes.

Back in the cemetery, Xander jolted awake.  He touched the spot on his neck where Buffy had bit him, and he shuddered.  He remembered her mocking tone of voice while she told him that she hadn’t forgotten the rape attempt and how he’d pay for his sins against her.  Xander decided he needed to go home to recover from his blood loss, and he’d call Willow from there.  He staggered to his feet before he hurried home as fast as he could.

Buffy smiled shyly when the man glanced up at her approach.  “Hey, I’ve never seen you in Sunnydale before.  You must be new in town.  I’m Buffy Summers, by the way.”  She held her hand out in greeting and smiled softly when the handsome young man took it in his own hand.

“Hello, Miss Buffy.  My name is William.”  The man smiled shyly.  “I believe I arrived in your fair city just last night.  Though for the life of me I can’t remember how I got here.”  William dropped Buffy’s hand when he realized he had been holding it for far too long.  He blushed under her frank perusal.

“You sound like my friend, Giles.”  Buffy sat down on the bench next to William.  “He’s from England, too.  He’s the librarian at the high school.”  She leaned in close to him, and she inhaled deeply.  “You smell delicious, William.”

“Miss Buffy, this is highly inappropriate,” William spluttered.  He wanted to move away from the girl, but he found himself mesmerized by her beautiful hazel eyes.  William felt her take his hand between hers again as she got to her feet, and he allowed himself to be tugged upwards.

“Sometimes it’s lots of fun to do the inappropriate thing, William,” Buffy announced softly.  She led William out of the park and away from the graveyard.  Buffy pondered her options on where to take her prize and have her wicked way with him.  “My mom has an art gallery.  She took the day off, but I have a spare key.  How about we go look at the exhibit?”

“Your mother might not care for us invading her,” William said softly.  His protests sounded weak even to his own ears. He knew that he would follow Buffy anywhere she led him.  Shivers ran up and down his spine at her outspoken forwardness and take charge attitude.  “You are quite beautiful, Miss Buffy.  I can see your passion shining brightly in your eyes.”

“Thank you, William.  You’re pretty wow worthy yourself.”  Buffy smiled up at William.  She decided on a whim that if she was going to live forever that she wanted to spend it with this man.  He was so much dreamier than Angel.  She only hoped the extra demon inside her knew what to do.

William blushed from the compliment.  “No one has ever said anything that nice to me before,” he revealed softly.  Last time he had told anyone how he felt he had been mocked and left heartbroken.

“Fools.”  Buffy stopped to turn to William.  “You were surrounded by fools who couldn’t see your strength and vision, or your beauty, apparently.”

William shook his head as if to clear it.  Buffy’s words echoed through his mind.  They sounded vaguely familiar to him, but he couldn’t place where he had heard them before.  William stood still in shock when Buffy leaned up to place her lips over his.  However, in a few seconds the shock wore off, and he pulled her small body into his arms. William was amazed at how perfectly Buffy fit against him.

Buffy moaned in delight.  If his lips felt this good against her mouth, she wondered how they’d feel against places further south.  Okay, places w-a-y further south.  She slid her hands up and down his back as she marveled in the play of the muscles beneath his clothes.  Buffy pulled away from William, but when she saw the fear of rejection in his eyes, she quickly hugged him tightly as she rubbed her cheek against his shoulder.

“You’re purring,” William whispered in awe.  “You really do like me?”

“Of course, silly.”  Buffy grinned up into William’s face.  “What’s not to like?  Let’s get to my mom’s gallery before we run out of darkness.”  She grabbed his hand and pulled him down the sidewalk, dodging the other people wandering around.

When they got to the alley behind the art gallery, Buffy dug her keys out of the inside pocket of her light-blue jacket.  She unlocked the back door, and she followed William inside, locking the door behind her.  Buffy tossed her jacket and keys aside before she followed William into the darkened gallery.

Buffy flipped on the lights, and she quietly followed William around as he moved from painting to painting.  He was so beautiful and innocent that he took her breath away.  Oh how she wanted to corrupt him and protect him both at the same time.  Buffy bit her lip while she suppressed a little growl.  God, how lucky could one girl be?

“I like this one the best,” William finally said.  He stopped in front of a painting with bold colors.

Buffy strolled up beside the young man, and she slipped her arm through one of his arms.  “Yes, that’s a nice one from a local artist.  I swear the rate some of the artists put out paintings is almost inhuman.”

“Do you have a favorite?”  William looked down at the beautiful girl standing next to him.  He felt his blood flow southward when she looked up at him from beneath her lashes.

“Not really, but I sure wish I could paint or something,” Buffy whispered.  She let her free hand slip up to cup William’s face.  “You’re so handsome, Will.  I’d love to paint you.”

William let out a snort.  “I think you have me confused with someone else.”

“Someone has been telling you terrible lies,” Buffy growled.  She pulled William towards the back room where she knew her mom kept a cot for days when she needed a break.  This man was awakening something more primal within her, human and demon.  She needed him.

William followed Buffy’s lead.  He wasn’t sure what was going on, but he wasn’t going to protest.  Well, not very loudly anyway.  Buffy really was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen before.  She put Cecily to shame in his eyes.

Buffy stood in front of William, and she could see how shy he was feeling as he shifted back and forth from one foot to the other.  She unbuttoned his jacket, eased it off of his shoulders, and tossed it aside.  Then, she moved onto his shirt repeating her actions.

Even though William felt out of place with such forwardness, he helped by toeing off his shoes while Buffy worked on his clothes.  He was starting to feel a bit self conscious since he was almost naked while she was still fully clothed.  William settled his hands on Buffy’s waist, and his fingers played with the bottom of her shirt while he looked into her eyes, asking for permission to pull the garment over her head.

Buffy raised her hands above her head as she gave William a slight nod.  She decided for a shy boy, he was pretty good at the unclothing when he lifted her shirt off with practiced ease.  Buffy hummed in anticipation while he trailed his fingers down the straps on her bra to caress her lace encased breasts.  Buffy reached up, grasped William’s head in her hands, and pulled him down for a kiss.

William felt Buffy’s lips part under his own, and he let his tongue slip along the edge of her mouth.  He smiled to himself when she stepped closer with a moan.  He felt special in a way that he didn’t believe he’d ever felt before.


 “I think we lost her,” Willow panted.  She grabbed Giles’ arm to stop their mad dash away from Buffy.

Giles took a second to look over his shoulder before he stopped in his tracks.  “I believe you’re right, Willow.”  He put a hand over his heart.  He hadn’t had this much exercise in months, and he wasn’t sure he really liked it.

After a few minutes, Willow muttered, “Poor Xander.  I can’t believe Buffy killed him like that.”

“That wasn’t Buffy.   You and I both know that.  It was the demon that took over her body.”  Giles took off his glasses, and he wiped them with a spare handkerchief from his pocket.  “The Buffy we know is gone.  As soon as we dispense with the nightmare demon, I suggest we flee Sunnydale as we are sure to be the next victims on her list.”

“Should we warn Mrs. Summers?” Willow asked wearily.  “She doesn’t know about Buffy being the Slayer even.”

Giles shook his head.  His personal sense of survival overrode his desires to do all the right things.  “We don’t have time, my dear.”  He put his glasses back on before he patted Willow on the shoulder.  “We need to get back to the hospital now.”

Willow nodded her agreement.  “Okay.  Let’s go.”  She followed the older man towards the center of town where the hospital was located.  She thought he was her only link to sanity in the insanity that she just witnessed.


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