Make me what i was…. Drabbles

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Author: bearfacedcheek

Title: Make me what i was… Drabbles

Post Season 6. Spike’s request “Make me what i was so that she can get what she deserves” was dangerously ambiguous and wish granting demons are twisters of words. I give you 3 interpretations of Spike’s request and their consequences

Former Glory

He knows himself completely in this dance, knows her too and each step she will take. She fights hard-habit and obligation-and yet there is no doubt how much she wants it.

He delivers her with flair-a quip, a lightning turn, a deadly bite-nothing else would be fitting. And she has ached for this, her blood is eager in his throat and her struggles are pure enticement.

Then she is nothing but the battered corpse of a skinny girl and he is once again the feared slayer of slayers. He has his hell and she has the heaven she deserves.


Return to Ignominy

He goes to her in expectation. Naivety restored along with his pulse and his long unused name. Goes in stammering hope of being seen, finally, as he always longed to be seen; a good man, kind and honest and full of sentiment.

She sees and is unimpressed. “William” she says. ”Look you seem really nice and everything, and wow serious hottie, you’re just. It’s just…”

She takes a deep breath, squares her shoulders. “You’re not him, I’m sorry”

Irony has always loved him, he thinks, but never this cruelly. What she deserves it seems is not longer what she wants.


A Changeless State

He thinks, though his thoughts flicker like trapped moths, that perhaps the demon cheated. He is not what he was, neither Spike nor William but the least of both, murderer and weakling.

She promises him her help and he becomes one burden among many. He thinks she deserves better than this and perhaps the demon cheated.

Months later he pours heaven’s fury straight into hell for her. Fights and burns and dies for her, because she deserves no less than a man who would sacrifice everything for her.

And he knows the demon cheated because he had always been that.


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