As Time Goes By

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Title: As Time Goes By
Author: moscow_watcher
Rating: PG
Summary: New York 1942 becomes a crossroad in time and space where many people meet and find out many interesting things about their future.
Author’s notes: thanks to my wonderful beta reddygirl. You rock, Reddy!

Drusilla, New-York, 1942.

Me and my sweet Spike – we had a lot of fun today. The opening night of that new movie, Casablanca, was truly spectacular. We fed on a couple of young, fresh, tasty socialites and collected their purses and jewelry. Then we watched a beautiful story about impossible love. We were so touched by the movie we didn’t even eat that weird man who sat behind us, looked at us with avid curiosity and scribbled something in his notebook. People forget about manners today.

After the screening we took a suite in Tudor Hotel. That night we made love on a luxurous king-size bed and then… Then pixies whispered to me to hide in the bathroom if I wanted to keep on having fun.


Spike blinked as he saw a demon appearing in the middle of the room out of nowhere.

“Hey, what the…” He cut himself short as he noticed a crossbow with a wooden arrow pointed at his chest. “No matter how much they pay you, I can pay you twice that.”

The demon sniffed scornfully.

“First, you never had such money, William the Bloody. Second, your money is of no value to me…” He aimed at Spike’s heart.

Spike looked around helplessly. He was still lying in the bed, pantless under the sheet. He could try to pick up the arrow, but his chances were slim, because the damned wanker looked like a professional killer…

A soft plop deflected the demon’s attention. Behind him, another form solidified. Instinctively Spike rushed forward, clocked the demon before he had time to react, and broke his neck.

“No, Spike! Idiot! I have to interrogate him first!”


Spike looked with amazement at his grand-sire who loomed over him, then prodded dead the demon with his foot and shrugged.

“I was in the moment.”

“Damn, Spike! Do you always act first and think later? I had to find out how the Clan of the Black Thorn creates portals to travel back to the past…”

Pissed off, Angel looked at the naked Spike and hastily turned away. “Don’t you want to cover your ass?”

Smirking, Spike pulled on his pants.

“You mean you’re from the future, Peaches?” he enquired.

Angel nodded.

“And you traveled to the past to save me?” Spike asked incredulously.

“We’re… kinda working together in the future.”

Spike looked at Angel appreciatively.

“So we’ll be a team again?” Spike smirked. “Good to see you’re back. How have you got rid of that bleeding soul?”

Angel squirmed.

“I can’t talk about the future. It’s too dangerous, changing the timeline.”

“OK with me. I wonder how these wankers were able to find me in the past.”

Angel shrugged.

“That I can explain. The guy who drew you in the movie theater. It was Charles Addams.”


“Charles Samuel Addams. You know, of the Addams Family fame.” Angel sighed. “Oh, of course, you don’t know – but I always suspected he based Morticia on Dru. Where is she, by the way?”

“None of your business, Peaches. You still haven’t explained how that Addams fellow led this wanker to me.”

“There is a drawing of you in his archive. With a note: “Moron extraordinaire. New-York, 11.26.1942.”

“Very funny. Ha. Ha.”

“Glad you appreciate it. Actually, there was just a time and place note on the drawing. The only moment in time when they were able to locate you. If I were you I’d leave as soon as poss…”

A loud buzz interrupted his speech. A blue-white portal belched smoke and lightning that instantly paralysed both vampires. A moment later Riley Finn, clad in camouflage, with an automatic weapon in one hand and a crossbow in another stepped out of the portal.

“Who of you is William the Bloody?” he enquired. He looked at the immobilized vampires, frowned and scratched his head. “Damn, I’ve forgotten you won’t be able to talk for another minute. Meanwhile…” Riley tied their hands and feet.

“Now, gentlemen,” he said derisively as he sat down on the bed. “The paralysing effect is wearing off. You can talk.”

Both vampires glared at him silently. He shrugged.

“I’ve got the order to terminate William the Bloody, but I’ll kill you both if you leave me no choice…”

“I’m William the Bloody,” Spike and Angel said in unison. Both frowned and looked at each other with open animosity.

Riley shrugged and took a stake out of his pocket.

“You don’t want to kill William the Bloody,” Angel said hastily. “He’ll be instrumental in averting three apocalypses.”

Spike’s jaw dropped. “Peaches, did you feed on junkies recently?”

“You’re wrong”, Riley said haughtily. “In less than three months William the Bloody will destroy the results of a unique experiment of stimulation and control of the vampire species. He should be stopped at any cost. The American government can’t allow to lose this data.”

“Oh, I totally forgot about that”, Angel exclaimed. “Four apocalypses, then.”

“You must be kidding!” Spike murmured.

“You’ll burn the papers and The Initiative will lose the chance to create a vampire army of darkness,” Angel said.

Riley shook his head.

“At least now I know who’s William the Bloody,” he announced, raising his stake.

“Think about the consequences!” Angel pleaded. “You kill him – you return into the world ruled by vampires. Think about it, agent Finn.”

Riley Finn looked at him with bewilderment.

“You know me?”

Angel nodded dejectedly.

“We’ve met at the end of the century. I mean – we’ll meet at the end… Or maybe not. You change the past…”

“…and we’ll meet in a much better future!” Riley promised as his stake went down.

But before it touched Spike’s chest, another portal opened, and Buffy leaped on Riley, knocking him unconscious.

“Damn, that was close,” she murmured as she cut the ropes on Angel’s and Spike’s hands.

“Funny,” she commented, contemplating the dishevelled vampires. “Obviously, in any era Spike is shirtless, Angel is broody and Riley is all action.”

“Peaches, who is that bird?” Spike asked. “Why is she calling you Angel instead of Angelus?”

Angel coughed, embarrassed.

“Baby, who are you?” Spike said, addressing to Buffy. “I mean – you saved my life, and I’d love to show you my appreciation before I drain you. You have the most delicious ass I’ve seen in ages”.

Buffy smirked.

“Pity I didn’t bring a minicam,” she declared. “I could blackmail you into carrying out the garbage for the next twenty years. Or mowing our lawn under moonlight.”

“What is it with me attracting crazy women?” Spike murmured. “Peaches – what is she talking about?”

“Tell him, Buffy,” Angel said tiredly.

“Tell me what?”

Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Do you have an eternity? Because that’s how long all the explanations will take. And I don’t have an eternity. I have to find out why The Initiative is after my husb… uh, this man.”

“What?!” Angel exclaimed. “You married this moron? When?”

“In 2006,” Buffy replied. “And you’re from?..”


Spike blinked.

“I married her? Are you kidding? No offence, pet, you’re a nice little thing and I like your cute ass. But I’m not a marrying kind.”

Buffy pouted.

“Are you terrified at the thought of marriage, Spikey? Or repulsed by the idea of choosing a Slayer as your mate?”

For a moment Spike stared at her, blinking. Then he roared with laughter.

“Oi, Peaches – that was a great practical joke! I really am a moron, not figuring it out earlier! I married the Slayer! Bwahaha! Priceless! But how did you do all these magic tricks?”

The more Spike laughed the gloomier Angel became.

“I hope you have a forgetting potion of some kind,” he said to Buffy. “Care to explain me what happened?”

“The Council seized The Initiative’s old database. Turns out they were testing time-travelling devices circa 1997 and, among other experiments, sent an agent to New York in 1942. When
you saw the date – November, 26 – you said Spike could be in trouble. Your punkish Blue Old Lady sent me here. You or Spike couldn’t go because an encounter with one’s own self creates a time paradox. Now – why is The Initiative after Spike?”

“He did what he does best. He screwed up. Screwed up one of their experiments.”

Spike stopped laughing.

“Come on, guys, that’s it. I got the joke. By the way, Angelus, that new girl of yours is adorable. Is she family? I mean – you’re not a sharing kind, but maybe some day when you’ll be in a
good mood…”

Buffy smiled sweetly.

“Angel, sweetie…” she purred. “Your name is very appropriate, because you really have angelic patience. How have you managed not to dust this impudent thing? This annoying, irritating,
irksome… and, oh-so-sexy thing…”

She sat in Spike’s lap.

“You don’t believe you can fall in love with a Slayer, Spikey?” she asked playfully and nibbled his ear. “You love dancing with Slayers, don’t you?”

Spike growled… and his growl turned into loud purring.

“The future looks promising to me”, he murmured, caressing Buffy’s breast.

Angel shook his head.

“Buffy, give me the forgetting potion right now, please.”

“Um, sorry.” She jumped off Spike’s knees. “I’m a bit nostagic for the unsouled badass Spike. He was so much fun.”

“Wait-wait-wait – what do you mean, “nostalgic”?” Spike caught Buffy’s hand. “Tell me it’s a joke! Angelus! What is she talking about?”

Buffy wrenched her hand out of his grasp.

“You’ll find out in due time,” she promised.

“The hell I will! I want to know now! Are you serious?”

Riley groaned and tried to sit up. Buffy pushed Spike away and busied herself with the semi-conscious soldier.

“Relax, Spike,” Angel said while Buffy was feeding the potion to Riley. “You don’t want to disturb the timeline”.

“Are you daft? I’ll drink her pig-wash and forget everything.”

“OK, give him an indelible moral trauma for five minutes,” Buffy said to Angel, as she was checking Riley gear, trying to figure out how to send him back to the future.

Angel smiled gleefully.

“Be careful what you ask for, William,” he murmured. “You’ll get your soul back. You’ll become a white hat. You’ll join the Watchers Council… Will he join the Council?” he asked Buffy.

“He’s a consulting advisor,” she replied. “Nobody knows exactly what his duties are but Giles gave him a private study in the new headquarters. It has a very comfy couch.”

Both Angel and Spike looked equally miserable. Buffy shook her head and focused on Riley’s equipment. She had to hurry – he was regaining conciousness and she didn’t want to deal with him too. She finally found the right button, pushed it and quickly stepped away as Riley disappeared with a soft plop.

“OK, guys,” Buffy said. “Your turn. You drink the potion and forget the bad experience in a minute.”

“Are you happy?” Angel asked Buffy suddenly.


“I mean – you with… him. Are you happy?”

“Of course, she is happy!” Spike glowered at Angel. “Unlike you, I can make my woman happy!”

Buffy snorted.

“Actually, Spike, we had an epic fight just an hour ago. You demanded I take you with me and the hell with time paradox. I think you were jealous of your unsouled self.”

Spike frowned.

“Oh, really? That soul thing – it turns all vampires into eunuchs? Not just Peaches?”

“I’m not an eunuch!” Angel exploded. “I have a…” he caught Buffy’s sceptical glance and asked worriedly. “Do I have a girl?”

Buffy rolled her eyes.

“Now that’s typical vampire insolence. My ex inquiring me about his future love life”.

“What?” Spike gasped. “You slept with Peaches too?”

“Forget it,” Angel murmured.

“The hell I will!” Spike cast an accusing glance at Buffy. “Was it before or after we met?”

Buffy smiled gleefully.

“After. Actually, it was you who pushed me into Angel’s embrace.”

“I was?”

“He was?” Angel repeated incredulously.

Buffy nodded.

“It was his plan to reassemble The Judge,” she explained. “Because of it we ended up together alone in your apartment.”

“Oh – that.”

Spike eyed them suspiciously.


“And it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.” Buffy sighed. “Very nice and healthy. Unlike the relationship I have with certain obnoxious blond vampire who always forgets to make
the bed, take out the garbage, clear ashtrays…”

“Wait-wait-wait,” Angel interrupted. “You allow him to smoke inside?”

Spike raised his eyebrow.

“Envious, Peaches? Relax, it won’t happen. I’ll never become the Slayer’s pet vampire.”

Buffy smiled.

“What?” Spike said defensively. “I simply won’t drink whatever you give me.”

“You have to drink the potion, Spike!” Angel said.

“Make me.”

“I will if I have to,” Angel growled approaching Spike and looming over him. “I’ll shove it into your sorry stupid ass…”

“Angel, wait,” Buffy asked. “I think I know how to convince him.”

She sat in Spike’s lap and passed her thumb over his cheekbone.

“Think what you won’t get if you won’t become my lover, Spikey,” she purred into his ear. “Think of all those things we could do together. Naughty things… Dirty things…”

Buffy licked Spike’s ear. He gulped.

“I think I’d better go back, Buffy,” Angel said. “Unless you need my help with this moron…”

Buffy grinned.

“Sounds tempting but I have to decline you generous offer, Angel. I’m not in a mood for a threesome.”

“Hey,” Angel protested. “That’s not what I meant!”

“Bugger,” Spike said as Angel disappeared in a portal. “I love the idea.”

“Shut up, honey,” Buffy said and closed his mouth with a kiss. Her lips were hot and hungry, and her hands – avid, impatient and oh-so-talented – knew exactly all his soft spots. Spike’s head was spinning, as he lost himself in Slayer’s magical scent… until he felt something in his mouth and down his throat. He swallowed involuntarily and coughed.

“What the hell was that?”

“I’m sorry,” Buffy whispered. “That was plan B. And, if it makes it easier, it was you who came up with this plan. You told me that your unsouled self was – is an asshole… and he – you – may get stubborn. So I took a capsule with concentrated potion with me. I put it into my mouth before I started kissing you.”

“Bloody hell!” Spike exploded. “You bitch, you want to turn me into a souled broody wimp? Why? You love it rough, don’t you?”

Buffy sighed wistfully.

“I have to make you forget. If you remember you’ll never come to Sunnydale. You won’t fall in love with me. Won’t fight for your soul. Won’t give me my fire back. Won’t help me to believe in love again. And I won’t come here to save you. And you’d be dust.”

“It’s useless to argue with a woman,” Spike grumbled. “How much time do we have, until I forget?”

“Less than a minute. The capsule dissolves quickly.”

“Damn. Who’s better kisser – me or him?”

“God, Spike, should I provide a ruler for you and Angel? I can’t figure out why you haven’t yet measured whose wrinklies are bigger!”

Spike snorted.

“What’s Peaches got to do with it? I know I’m better than him. Always was, always will be. I’m asking about my domesticated self. Is he better?”

“Oh. Modesty becomes you, sweetie.” Buffy giggled. “Well… He’s – different. A bit. But not much.”

“Is he – am I – happy?”

Buffy sighed.

“I can’t understand how a man could be happy with me.” She grew serious. “I’m insufferable. You say it yourself.”

“That true?”

“I have to make decisions I hate, take actions that lead to deaths, destroy hopes and aspirations. Sometimes I don’t know if I can make it through the day, honestly. And the only thing that
keeps me afloat in this mess is you. And I love you.”

“So I guess it’s worth it.”

“It is.”


Drusilla, New-York, 1942.

When the pixies told me the fun was over I returned into the room. My sweet Spike was asleep, smiling. Poor thing has forgotten everything. No point to tell him what I heard when I was standing there behind the door. He won’t believe me anyway.

But I won’t forget it. Years will pass and I will always remember that my sweet little Spike will betray me and turn into the Slayer’s pet.

My beloved daddy will also succumb to Slayer’s charms. But he is weakened by his filthy soul. My traitorous childe doesn’t have a soul excuse. Bad dog. Bad, bad dog. Naughty Slayer will have my childe and my daddy.

Does it mean she’ll become kind of family? Hmmm… Sounds pretty crazy. But not as crazy as Spike having a private study.

And they call *me* mad. Poor idiots.


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