Interactive poetry kits: “He is NOT my boyfriend!” and “You may not see it, but I do”

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Titles: “He is NOT my boyfriend!” and “You may not see it, but I do
Creator: thenewbuzwuzz

Notes: It’s been a while since we put some canon dialogue through a blender, hasn’t it? I have made two poetry kits out of stuff Buffy says about Spike and her relationship with him. Since I have already done a kit focused on love confessions, these kits are more about the other things that caught my eye in the Spuffy section of the Buffyverse Dialogue Database. I cordially invite you to clicky the links and play with Buffy’s words if you have a few minutes to kill:

Kit 1: He is NOT my boyfriend! (PG-13, there’s a bunch of violence-related words in this one)
Kit 2: You may not see it, but I do

How this works:

This is meant to work like magnetic poetry: you can drag the words around and arrange them into new phrases. I’m using the word ‘poetry’ broadly: it can be whatever you like. I hope it’s fun.

Please count on everything changing, so if you want to save a word pattern (take a screenshot or write it down), do so immediately. You’re welcome to use the comments on this post to tell others what you wrote, if you like.

In turn, if you see a word pattern that someone else made, you are absolutely allowed to take it apart again (unless you see they’re working on it right that moment).

The files are probably going to freeze a lot if multiple people are present (heck, they freeze if one person works too fast; I hope you enjoy feeling like you’re in a clunky vintage computer game). This is why I made two. My best suggestion is to try the other link if the one you’re on keeps lagging.

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