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Fic: Nocturnal Emissions

Author: Miss Murchison

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Buffy thinks Spike has a problem. Spike thinks Buffy is jealous and needs a nap. As you can tell from the title, I have not been guilty of good taste.

No familiarity with the previous stories is needed, but this is set in the same ‘verse as Cubed, What’s in a Name?, If it’s Tuesday, this must be Sunnydale, and Giftless.

This is an alternative Season 6 where there is no angst. Assume Buffy didn’t die at the end of Season 5, or, if she did, she was glad to get back. Don’t go looking for any huge problems among the canon characters. They’re not there, although all is not sweetness and light. Which is good, because we all know how bad light is for Spike.

Length of completed story: About 9,000 words

Thanks: To my wonderful betas, keswindhover and revdorothyl, to enigmaticblues for the comm, and to my family for leaving me alone long enough to finish this story. Maybe they’ll repeat the favor so I can finally enjoy the other entries from this round.

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, etc. Only the lame plots and dialogue herein are mine. 


Spike was snickering in his sleep. It wasn’t his you’ve-done-something-stupid snicker, or his a-Scooby-just-fell-flat-on-his-face snicker. It was most definitely his really-naughty-sexy snicker. She’d memorized a word for it when studying for the SATs. Lascivious.

He chuckled again. Buffy rolled over to look at him. He’d kicked off the covers and was lying flat on his back on her bed, legs sprawled wide and arms above his head, snickering. She thought she saw his eyes start to open, but closer examination showed he was still asleep. But by no means totally relaxed.

It must be a really nice dream.

She took a moment to sightsee, admiring an impressive erection by the moonlight filtering in through the windows. As she watched, he stopped snickering and began moaning, his hips twitching as if he were trying to thrust. A bead of pre-cum appeared on the head of his cock.

It was Buffy’s turn to giggle. Then her own hips gave an involuntary wiggle, as her sympathy with Spike’s condition grew. A moment ago, her head had been woozy with the sleep that she really needed after a long battle with one demon and a longer lovemaking session with another. But just watching Spike was making her horny, and there was a lovely hard-on, just inches away. It would be a shame to let it go to waste.

No reason I shouldn’t crash this party. Buffy pushed up onto her knees, intending to straddle Spike and his rousing passion, when she bumped into something solid.

“What the–?” Buffy shoved at the thing that was hovering over — no, it was lying on top of Spike. It felt like human flesh. She shoved some more, in different places. Somewhat squishy and rounded human flesh. She shoved really hard. There was a thump, as if a body had rolled off the other side of the bed and hit the floor.

She very clearly heard a female voice say, “Fuck.”

Buffy dove for the invisible intruder, but she landed on hard floor, one hand just brushing something before the curtains fluttered wildly in a wind that wasn’t there. Or at least, wasn’t a wind.

Spike was muttering now. Buffy couldn’t make out any words, but he sounded discontented. She sat on the bed and shook his shoulder hard.

“Gah!” He sat up, going into game face and staring around wildly. When he saw nothing except Buffy, her arms crossed over her chest, he asked, “What happened?”

There was cold anger in Buffy’s voice. “You were making out with someone in your sleep.”

“Yeah.” A smile dawned slowly as his human features reemerged, and he shrugged. “I remember now.” The smile faded as he took in her expression. “Give a bloke a pass on this one, Slayer. Even you can’t blame me for what happens in my dreams. It’s not as if it’s the first time I’ve left a wet spot on the sheets.”

“It wasn’t just in your dreams! There was something here, and it was feeling you up.” Buffy got up and stalked over to the window, peering out before she closed it with a bang.

“Yeah? Was it pretty?”

“I’m serious, Spike! I couldn’t see it, but I felt it. I shoved it off you, and it cursed at me.” She saw his expression and jumped back on the bed. “You remember it now! I can tell.”

“No! Yes.” He held her off with one hand, rubbing the other to his temple. “I remember a woman, and then she was gone and someone yelled something. But I’m still half asleep, love. I don’t know how much of that was my dream and how much you going spare over nothing.”

Buffy sat back. “I don’t like this.”

He rolled his eyes. “You’re exhausted too, pet. Maybe you were having a nightmare while I was having…”

“Some dream girl?” Buffy interrupted. “Or did you recognize her?”

He shook his head. “She had dark hair, I think.” He met her eyes and added emphatically,” Not Dru.”

“Why do you think I’d assume it was your batshit crazy slut of an ex-girlfriend? Do you think I’m jealous of her?”

He responded with a raised eyebrow. Which was, of course, precisely the wrong answer.

The rest of the night was passed in squabbling, sex, and, very eventually, a little sleep.

Chapter Two


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