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Title: Imperial, Epilogue
Author: Sunalso
Pairings: Buffy/Spike (Willow/Oz, Xander/Anya)
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~21 K (this chapter: 1022)
Timeline: Prologue S3, the rest S4, this is an alternate reality world in which things didn’t go quite the same for Buffy at the end of S2
Warnings: Character Death, Violence (including gun violence), Sexual Situations
Summary: Buffy returns to Sunnydale in order to take down the Initiative and find her chosen mate, she’s just a little different than when she left. My love letter to heroic bloodshed movies (Think: Mi:II, Wanted, The Matrix). This one’s for fun!
Notes: The Initiative is bigger and badder than in canon. Beta’d by Gort and 13Lilies. Response to a challenge on Elysian Fields by Sharade.



His golden Empress was reclining on the soft fur of the j’ashak skin rug, a cheery fire snapping and crackling in the fireplace to keep her from feeling chilled in the brisk night air that wandered through the open window.  She was naked with her long blonde hair tousled, red lips swollen, and limbs languid as she lay on her back. Altogether she looked utterly debauched, which worked since he’d spent the better part of the last…several hours having his wicked way with her.

Spike set down his cup of Gorlan wine-3326, a good year-and slumped a little in the comfortable chair he was ensconced in. He watched as Buffy drew a finger up and around the hard pink tip of one breast. She licked her lips, biting down on the bottom one with the tip of an adorable little fang. A single drop of blood meandered down her chin. The scent hit his nose and his prick was immediately hard again, the insatiable minx.

“Keeping you pleased is an impossible job, your Grace.” He cupped his balls, rolling his heavy sack in his fingers before moving up to grab the base of his rigid cock. With a groan he stroked himself, his Empress’ eyes following every movement.

“It is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.” Her fingers were plucking the stiff peaks of her nipples. She always did like a bit of look-see. “So what does my poor, put-upon vampire want?” Her lower lip stuck out in a pout.

Spike squeezed his shaft a little harder, using a thumb to swirl the drop of moisture that leaked from the tip into the sensitive skin of his cock’s almost purple head. The Empress pushed herself up on her elbows, her attention rapt as he worked himself. “What I want, pitiable fellow that I am, is for her Imperial Majesty to crawl over here, get on her knees, stick my hard cock in her mouth, and suck me off.”

“Yes, your highness.” She rose to her hands and knees and wiggled her cute little ass as she crawled to him. Running her hands up over his knees and down his thighs, she paused just shy of touching his balls. Leaning forward, she sucked one testicle into her hot little mouth, swirling her tongue over and around it. He moaned and continued to rub a tight fist up and down his length. With a knowing little smile she let go of his ball, nipped at his coarse pubic hair, and welcomed the other testicle into her mouth. She hummed and sucked delicately at it, the barest hint of fang touching the soft skin.

This time when she let his ball go, she wrapped one of her hands around his as he jerked his cock.  Buffy avidly watched as their hands slid over his erection. When she tried to still his arm and push away his hand he clucked at her. “Changed my mind, luv. I think I’ll just come all over those perky little tits of yours. Why don’t you shake them and give us a good show?”  The Empress bit her lip and frowned. Spike had to suppress a chuckle.

“No, I want to taste you.” She tried gently pulling at his hand again, but he resisted and kept on jacking himself. Buffy snorted daintily. “Spike!”

“What, pet?”

She growled, frustrated.

Anticipation curled through his belly. “Something wrong?”

“Stop!” Command and power rippled through her voice.

Ah, there was his Empress.

Spike grinned as his hand fell away from his cock, leaving it resting on his belly. With an annoyed huff she leaned forward and licked his erection from base to tip before sucking it between her lips and working as much of his length as she could into her mouth.  Christ, she was amazing.

As she bobbed her head up and down, making the most enticing sucking sounds, he let his head fall back against the chair. It really was too bad that his berk of a Grandsire never got to see how far the boy he’d treated like dirt had risen. Spike had a list of titles and honorifics nearly as long as Buffy’s, most of them won by brute force since his arrival. He lived in a bloody palatial castle and had the most marvelous mate in existence. He wove a hand into her long hair, tenderly cradling the back of her head.

An unearthly roar sounded from the courtyard below their window.

“Looks like that little present from the DaNoth clan has arrived. You’ll be expecting me to fight the blasted thing tomorrow night I suppose. What is it? Nine? Ten feet tall and at least a ton in weight? Do I at least get to have a sw-“

The Empress paused her ministrations long enough to mumble ‘shut up, Spike’ around his cock.

“Yes, your Grace.”

A few more minutes and her talented tongue had him panting and close to shooting his load down her throat.

The smell of magic permeated the room and Buffy stopped, looking pointedly at the metal bowl beside his chair. With a sigh he grabbed the folded note that’d appeared in it. He opened the missive and Buffy’s cheeks hollowed out as she returned to her task.

“It’s from your Watcher.” He hissed in a breath as she grazed him with her teeth. “Fancy taking a little… oh, god, Buffy… dimensional jaunt to kill a hell god?”  Of their own accord his hips started thrusting gently. “Sounds like… like your friends… have gotten themselves in a right… Christ, woman… pickle.”

Buffy removed her mouth from him, her blazing silver eyes meeting his. He quirked up an eyebrow. “Sure.” She shrugged. “It won’t be the first one I’ve destroyed. Now come for me.”

She slid her mouth down his dick until he felt it bump the back of his throat. Spike was helpless to do anything other than obey. His hips bucked up off the chair and as he came in his mate’s mouth his roar was louder than the hell beast’s in the courtyard.

The Empress was well pleased.



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