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Title: From These Seeds (Chapter 7)
R to NC-17 mostly for violence, some non-con and allusions to rape, very, very dark in places.
Summary: Angelus decides to take Buffy back to the mansion to begin his revenge upon the Slayer who made him feel human. Captive Buffy gets a close-up introduction to this dysfunctional vampiric “family” that gives her new insight into Angel(us) as well as Spike.
Will Spike be able to sit back and watch this Slayer he grudgingly respects be destroyed by the same vampire who created the tragic mess that is Dru?
Can two enemies, now vulnerable to the greater evil of Angelus, become allies and maybe something more?
Setting: S2 goes AU toward the end of “Innocence”.
Disclaimers: Joss Whedon, ME, WB, Fox are the sole owners of all aspects of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”. Thanks to Joss; he allows us to play in his sandbox. I derive no compensation for these flights of fancy. The story concept is my “creation”, as is all dialogue not in the original story scripts. Some dialogue from episodes, (specifically Innocence, Passion, Becoming parts 1 and 2) at times altered for my purposes.

Chapter 7
The Scoobies were giddy with succcess after blowing the Judge into tiny pieces. They had reconnoitered at the Summers house and were gathered around the dining room table, hot chocolate in hand, relating the scene at the mall to Buffy’s mother.

“And then…and then, Giles says, ‘That was then. Different forge now.’ Angel figured it out first. The big, blue ugly just stood there.” Xander was understandably proud of himself for having thought of the perfect weapon to take out the Judge. In his excitement, he was jabbering like a schoolgirl at an N’Sync concert.

“I know that Buffy will be proud of all of you.” Joyce had no desire to celebrate a thing until her girl was safe at home, but she understood the importance of the group carrying on Buffy’s work.

“Indeed,” Giles concurred. “And now we can concentrate on the most important task at hand: getting Buffy home where she belongs.”

“I’m up,” Xander offered, rising from his seat. “Let’s do it.”

“Not until Jenny has that spell for the chains, no. Buffy is still too much a sitting duck as long as she remains in those mystical bonds.” Giles took a deep breath and tried to make the youngsters see things from his perspective. “Don’t you think I want her out of there?”

“Seems like you’re putting all your faith in Spike to me,” Xander pouted.

“No, naturally I am accepting any help he chooses to give, but I am relying solely upon us when it comes to Buffy’s eventual rescue. Jenny assures me she is close to being finished with all the magicks she has been working on.”
Giles looked at the disbelief on the boy’s face and tried to explain further.
“Look, we could go and burn down the mansion hoping to free Buffy in the chaos, but unless she is free of her bonds, she will burn with the rest. Likewise, we could assault the nest and hope to take out all the minions as well as the Master Vampires there before they kill Buffy. Either scenario leaves much to be desired. The first thing we must do is get her out of those chains.”

“Mr. Giles is right. As long as Buffy is alive, we can let Miss Calendar do her work.” Joyce carefully looked from face to face around the table. “No one here wants Buffy back safe and sound more than I do– I’m her mother! I will not let you risk her life unnecessarily though. I think Spike really is going to help and he will let us know if her situation becomes more acute.”

Xander snorted and then colored under the shaming gaze of Giles. “Sorry. I know you have more reason than I do to want Buffy back, Mrs. Summers. You don’t know Spike, though. He can’t be trusted.”

“Fine. Don’t trust him. It seems to me that we are doing all we can on our end as well.” Joyce started at the boy. “However, if there is one single chance in a million that Spike WILL help, I will stop you myself if you get in the way. My daughter is coming home if I have to rely on the devil himself to do it.”

“Close enough,” muttered Giles.

The telephone rang at that moment and Joyce got up to answer it. “Summers residence, Joyce speaking. …. No Buffy is not here now. ….Yes! I remember you. …. Is this Slayer business? …. Yes, I am now aware of what Buffy is and does. …. Just a moment.”

Joyce turned to Giles and handed him the phone. “This is that shy girl Kendra, the Slayer that Buffy said was an exchange student when she was here months ago. I think you should take it.”

Giles took the phone and began a quiet conversation with the girl and her Watcher as the Scoobies shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Somehow hearing from the second Slayer underscored just how fragile Buffy’s life really was.

Angelus and Dru returned from the hunt in high spirits. The four minions that traveled with them were covered in dust and complaining softly about aching backs.

“Children! We’re moving again,” Angelus announced to the vamps gathered in the front parlor.

Spike wheeled himself around the corner at the sound of their raised voices. “That right now? Why’s that?”

“Well, Quisling, in the first place, our happy home isn’t so secret anymore thanks to you. In the second place, we’ve got a brand new project. Moved the big rock to a nice little place by the University and now we’ll all just join it there,” Angelus explained with a sneer.

“’E’s been talkin’ to me ever so loud, Spike. ‘E’s going to swallow the ‘ole world and we’ll dance in the flames while all the people scream.” Dru nearly danced over to Spike. “Daddy’ll be like King Arthur, ‘e will. Pull it out and then ‘e’ll rule all. I’m to be ‘is consort, ‘is black queen.”

“Good metaphor, Dru, especially since Spike’s already picked out the role of Mordred.” Angelus moved to Buffy and ran his finger down her right cheek. She was startled at the feigned tenderness until he dug in his nail and ripped a tear where he had just caressed. “Got to get rid of Morgaine though. Witch bitch thinks she can repeat history. Didn’t count on Dru’s lovely way of listening to her pixies though.” He moved away from Buffy. “Okay, get packing. We’re on the move.”

The minions packed the SUV that had come into their use along with the mansion and headed for the location Angelus had given to them. Dru had already drifted out and into Spike’s DeSoto when Angelus went to Buffy’s side. “Didn’t think I’d leave you behind, did you, sweetheart?” He then placed a cloth that smelled suspiciously of ether over her mouth and nose and laughed as she sagged unconscious in her chains.

Angelus uncuffed the Slayer, letting her nude body slump into his arms. “That’s better.”

“Yeah, it really is,” Spike said from behind him. Angelus had not noticed Spike wheel up close and rise from the chair, waiting for Angelus to undo the magicked restraints before acting. He brought down the fireplace poker on his grandsire’s head over and over until Angelus lay insensate at his feet.

Spike stripped off his duster, wrapping the Slayer in it before scooping her up and limping out the back door.

Spike was nearly out of strength by the time he got to Buffy’s back porch. He kicked at the door, taking care not to shift the moaning girl in his arms. He didn’t want her panicking and causing him to stumble before he got them both into the relative safety of the Summers house.

“What was that sound?” Joyce, still hyper-vigilant, asked.

“Here,” Giles said as he thrust a crossbow in her hands. “Just point and shoot if it is one of Angelus’ minions.”

The others had left moments before with the agreement to meet again in the morning to plan the rescue. Giles stayed behind to reassure Joyce that no one was going to put Buffy into any more jeopardy than she was already in when the thud was heard.

Giles pushed back the curtain on the door and reached for the latch. “Good Lord! Give her to me, give her to me! How on earth did you free her?” He reached to take Buffy’s still form from the vampire.

“Buffy! Oh, my God, Buffy!” Joyce ran to her daughter, tucked in the Watcher’s arms. “Quick, bring her upstairs to her room. She doesn’t need a hospital or anything, right?” The frantic mother looked from Giles to Spike for and answer.

“Bugger used ether on her, but I ‘spect she’ll be fine now, missus.” Spike started to slump as his energy reserves ran out.

“Spike, come in, sit,” Joyce ordered.. “I’ll be down after I get Buffy tucked in.”

Giles sighed in defeat as he heard Joyce invite the vampire in. ‘We just bloody disinvited the pillock!’ he thought as he carried Buffy to her room.

Spike fell gratefully into the chair and surrendered to his body’s weakness. Maybe the Slayer’s mum would let him stay long enough to regain his strength before booting him out again.

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