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Title: From These Seeds (Chapter 10)
R to NC-17 mostly for violence, some non-con and allusions to rape, very, very dark in places.
Summary: Angelus decides to take Buffy back to the mansion to begin his revenge upon the Slayer who made him feel human. Captive Buffy gets a close-up introduction to this dysfunctional vampiric “family” that gives her new insight into Angel(us) as well as Spike.
Will Spike be able to sit back and watch this Slayer he grudgingly respects be destroyed by the same vampire who created the tragic mess that is Dru?
Can two enemies, now vulnerable to the greater evil of Angelus, become allies and maybe something more?
Setting: S2 goes AU toward the end of “Innocence”.
Disclaimers: Joss Whedon, ME, WB, Fox are the sole owners of all aspects of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel”. Thanks to Joss; he allows us to play in his sandbox. I derive no compensation for these flights of fancy. The story concept is my “creation”, as is all dialogue not in the original story scripts. Some dialogue from episodes, (specifically Innocence, Passion, Becoming parts 1 and 2) at times altered for my purposes.

Chapter 10

Spike had little trouble locating his sire. Dru was emoting like an operatic diva and all those emotions were sending out waves of scent even a fledge could follow. Good thing he planned to take Dru away after this whole mess was over. She hadn’t been this much off the spool since Angelus left the family a century ago. Dru needed him. She might want her daddy, but it was Spike she needed.

That part of Spike’s unlife had been an easy adjustment. William had always been a caregiver in one way or another. Before he was turned, his mother had been dying of consumption and he was the devoted son taking care of her needs. It hadn’t taken William too long in Dru’s company to see that the girl needed protection, needed someone to take care of her. It was easy to slide into that role and use those traits, those urges, moving from one woman to another. Then after his mum…well, he didn’t want to think on that right now. Now he needed to get Dru away from Angelus and work on leveling her out a bit.

Spike wondered if that protective urge had been the first motivator in his desire to help the chained Slayer. There was something about seeing a decent, strong woman in a situation completely out of her control that always got to him.

Angelus knew it too, the sodding bastard. He used to insist that Spike bring home exactly that sort of victim for family feeds when the Poof would send him out on the hunt for them all. Spike always hated having to do that and stopped as soon as Angelus left the family.

Spike’s meal of choice had always been someone who had at least an even chance at taking Spike out. Fists and fangs in a fair fight led to tangy blood spiced with adrenaline and spirit.

Spike shook his head and tried to clear it of images of the hunt and a good kill. He had given his word not to feed except from animal blood in a mug until he left Sunnydale. And he wouldn’t go back on it. ‘’M a panther, not a house cat,’ he thought stubbornly. ‘Go back to my true nature soon as I leave this hell hole.’

The one good part of it was that the Slayer’s mum was seeing to it that he had regular feeds. No one else had ever done that. Might be beef, but he was healing at last and nearly back to himself. “My own bloody sire left me to starve!” Spike fought down the anger and hurt that came from thinking about his treatment by Dru after Angelus had strolled back into their lives.

Spike had gone to a lot of trouble getting Dru cured, tending her both before and after her illness as if she were a treasure, as indeed she had been to him. When the tables were turned, Dru scarce gave a thought to her lover of a century. Yes, Dru was mad, but not that mad since the cure.

Remembering the need to feed had never been a problem for Dru, except that agonizing time when she was wasting away with illness. No, Angelus came back and that was all that Spike’s dark goddess could see: her beloved daddy. As for the Great Poof, he’d have arranged to starve Spike as a spectator sport if he had thought of it first. Certainly enjoyed the show caused by Dru’s neglect.

Spike almost forgot why he had even wanted his wicked plum back again, much less why he had insisted on Dru’s safety as part of his pact with the Slayer’s group. Then he remembered how much Dru needed him and all other thoughts and considerations were set aside.

Still, it rankled that the Slayer’s mum, who had barely met him, treated him more like a man than Dru ever had. Slayer did too for that matter. Even the Watcher had been decent enough.

Spike shook himself out of his reverie and got back to the business of tracking the rest of his Order through Sunnydale. It wasn’t enough to scent Dru’s emotions; Spike had to be certain that Angelus was there as well.

As soon as Spike was certain of the new nest’s location, he headed back to Revello Drive with the information.

Buffy had been working out in the basement. They hadn’t wanted to use the school grounds since the sun was setting earlier and it wasn’t safe. Buffy’s home had become the new Slayer Central. The dining room table was filled with research books and empty donut boxes and the basement had been cleared to make room for sparring sessions.

Ever since Spike located Angelus, they had been preparing. Buffy had been training with Giles as usual when she decided she needed something more if she ever had a hope of defeating her former love. “Spike. How’d you like to earn your keep?”

“How’s that, Slayer? You’ve somethin’ in mind?” He had quirked his eyebrows suggestively and Buffy had swatted him on the arm. Somehow she knew the vampire was being playful with his flirtation and took no offense.

“Not that! God, not that! I may never do that again!” Buffy shivered.

Spike dropped all teasing and tilted his head, studying the girl before him. “Can’t mean that, Buffy. You’re made for passion, pours out of you in all you do. Can’t cut off a part of yourself just ‘cause that prick played nasty with you.” Buffy had her head lowered and Spike tilted her chin up forcing eye contact. “Don’t let him destroy any part of you, luv. He’s not worth it.”

Buffy finally smiled but changed the subject. “I meant to ask if you’d be my sparring partner. I figure you have more experience fighting Angelus than I do and it might give me the edge I need to take him down.”

Spike had been delighted with the idea. The Watcher and Scoobies, however, were resistant. “Look, I have the last say on this and I say Spike’s going to train with me,” Buffy had insisted. They hadn’t been happy, but the issue was settled.

The first week the group watched the training sessions like hawks, stakes in hand. If there had been any sign that Spike was going to go native on Buffy, there would be at least two of her friends there to make sure he was dust before fang touched flesh. After that first week, the stakes were laid at the side of the spectators rather than being clutched in their eager hands.

The only ones in the group truly at ease around the vampire in their midst were Buffy, her mother and Oz. Joyce had watched her daughter train too, but her motive was to better understand the calling of her only child. She had been horrified, mesmerized and proud all at the same time by what she had seen Buffy capable of doing.

Oz seemed to recognize Spike’s control of his demon and was not concerned with having a wild vampire on their hands.

“Come on, Buffy, give it me good!” Spike was exhilarated with fighting the Slayer, even if it was only for the skill and not the kill. The girl was quickly becoming one of the best Slayers he’d ever seen, much less fought.

He taught her all of Angelus’ more common moves and clued her into his grandsire’s weaknesses. “Remember, the wanker is a control freak. Has to be in charge of any situation he’s in, even a fight. Take that control away and he flies apart, gives you an opening. Don’t let him make it a defensive battle, ‘cause then he’s the one with the upper hand. Take the battle to him, go on the offensive. Don’t worry about any of the other vamps, Scoobies will deal with them and I’ll handle Dru.”

Somehow the thought of Spike handling Dru in any way was not appealing to Buffy. She had been having disturbing dreams about Spike regularly since that day when he had urged her not to shut herself off.

She couldn’t deny, at least to herself, that she was almost painfully attracted to him. Buffy knew the likely reaction from the group though. They’d see it as Buffy moving from one vampire to another. That wasn’t the case, but they’d never understand the bond she felt with Spike.

It saddened her to know it didn’t matter anyway. He would be leaving with Dru when this was finished and she would never see him again. She might be over Angel, but Spike still saw his future with his Dark Princess of Loonotopia.

The third week of training sped by and Buffy was fighting better than she had ever in the past. The group even allowed the two supernatural warriors privacy to spar alone by that last week. For whatever reason, it was clear that Spike was not planning to go back on his word and had no intention of hurting Buffy.

Buffy and Spike headed back to the basement for a second session as soon as lunch was completed. The Scoobies were all out and Buffy’s mom had gone back to the gallery.

Buffy was feeling more powerful than ever. “Come on, Big Bad, show me what you’ve got.”

They danced across the floor, weaponless except for their own lethal abilities. Spike feigned a lunge aimed at her right side, knowing that her left was the weaker. Buffy surprised him with the sweep kick he had taught her the previous week. His legs went out from under him and he hit the floor hard, Buffy falling atop him, pelvis to pelvis. She could feel the hardness that proved his attraction to her. ‘He’ll be gone forever soon,’ went through her mind as she lowered her head and claimed him in a heated kiss.

Spike hadn’t moved at all as the Slayer’s soft lips swept over his. His mind was spinning at the implications. He knew that the fighting got Buffy aroused. He was nearly mad with the scent after each training session. He knew she could feel his rock hard cock beneath her as well, yet she had not pulled away. ‘Good girl, Buffy, reclaim your passion,’ he thought. That was his last coherent thought after her tongue worked its way past his slightly parted lips as she deepened the kiss. They kissed with the same fire as when they fought and he groaned in desire as she moaned in passion.

At first, Buffy feared she had stepped over some invisible line with Spike. He was tightly coiled but not responding. As soon as her tongue entered the dance, however, he let out a growl as he let down all barriers and gave kiss for kiss, touch for touch.

It was like a wildfire had sprung up between them. Both left all thought save the need to touch, to taste, far behind them. Frenzied hands moved over needy bodies. Not a single piece of clothing had been removed yet each made the other’s body sing, burn.

“Buffy? Spike? Are you down there?” The Watcher had returned and was headed across the kitchen towards the basement door.

Buffy panted, unable to respond. Her eyes dilated with lust as she looked down at the beautiful vampire beneath her.

Spike groaned and closed his eyes at the intrusion. Both were breathing as if they had just completed a marathon.

“Down here, Giles. Be up in a minute. Mom’s got tea keeping warm on the stove.” Buffy called up to Giles. She had not shifted from her position on Spike, but she had sat up.

When she was sure her legs would work properly, she stood and reached a hand to help Spike up from the floor. They were both suddenly awkward and shy around one another. “Um, Spike, about the kiss ….”

“I get it, Slayer. No problem. It’s your nature, like mine. Blood gets racin’ with the fight and all, and it’s like an aphrodisiac. No need to explain.” Spike hadn’t looked at her as he spoke, but his voice held a faint tremor.

Buffy remembered his commitment to Dru and felt herself shut off her feelings, at least for the time being. “Good,” she said. “Well, more than good actually. You are a world-class kisser, Spike! Thanks for understanding.” Inside she screamed ‘Please stay! Forget Dru. She doesn’t appreciate you and I know I could if you’d let me.’

He felt like crying. This girl somehow always knew how to reach his inner William. There was nothing he wanted more than to pull Buffy back into his arms and finish what they had started. He had a feeling an eternity wouldn’t be long enough to get his fill of this girl.

No, he had to care for Dru, she needed him. Buffy, well, Buffy wouldn’t want anything more than a brief affair with the likes of him and he could never settle for that with her. Better that he was leaving soon. Somehow he knew there was a large piece of him that would never leave her though.

They smoothed their clothes, avoiding each other’s eyes and headed up to the kitchen to meet the man who had doused their fire.

“There you both are. Good.” Giles had charts and pamphlets laid out around his teacup. “I’ve recalculated the optimum time for Angelus to release Acathla and I think tonight is the night.”

Buffy felt her heart plummet, not in fear of the fight or regret for what she might have to do, but because at the end of the battle, Spike would be nothing but a memory.

Spike swallowed hard and closed his eyes. He had already decided he and Dru would head south. Now he knew it had to be as far south as possible. He was thinking Tierra del Fuego might not be far enough from Buffy.

The slayer of Slayers had finally met a Slayer that he never wanted to hear of being replaced. He longed to help ensure that she live to be ancient and he felt his heart tear knowing he wouldn’t be there to see her life, no matter the length, after tonight.

Scoobies gathered in the living room as Joyce puttered about making sure they all had whatever tea, coffee, soda or blood they might wish for. She was nervous thinking about Buffy facing the horrible monster who had already wreaked havoc in her young daughter’s life.

Yet another part of Joyce regretted the coming loss of Spike in their lives. She prayed he would somehow manage to become the good man she saw it possible for him to be. The seeds were planted and Joyce could but hope that they would take root and grow.

“Okay…so Will, you’re going to do the curse and put that soul back into Angel from here. You sure you’re ready?” Buffy smiled at her best friend and tried to look like she had no doubts about Willow’s ability.

“Ready, willing and able; all present and accounty,” Willow grinned. She was eager to do this advanced bit of magic and had hardly slept at the thought of harnessing all that power. It was a heady feeling.

“So me and Oz and Giles will be dusting all the minions while Captain Clairol here just gets his honey out of the way?” Xander still was hoping for a change in the battle plan that would let him make this a clean sweep for the good guys and a sweeping up of all the undead.

“That’s right. I’m going to take on Angelus myself. Try to keep him fighting to give Will a chance to shove that soul in before he pulls that sword out.” Part of Buffy wondered just what she would say to Angel if he did return to the man she had once loved.

“Not like I won’t be fightin’. Plan to put Dru out of commission and help with the rest.” Spike didn’t like the whelp making him sound like a non-combatant in this fight. “Once I’m sure the Poof’s all sorted, we’ll be on our way.”

Buffy couldn’t even look at him.

The warriors crept toward the house, having spotted the guards and taken them out. There appeared to be at least twelve vamps, along with Angelus and Dru, gathered in a great room that was barely able to contain the large demon statue that served as its focal point.

Angelus was speaking. “The blood will wash in me, over me and I will be cleansed, I will be worthy to free Acathla.”

“Don’t think so, buddy,” quipped Buffy. “Not enough soap in all of California to cleanse you.”

Angelus was still chanting, “Acathla. Mundatus sum. Pro te necavi. Sanguinem meum pro te effundam…

“I don’t think we can wait on Willow any longer. Looks like Angelus is workin’ up to the main event,” Spike noted.

They began to take out Angelus’ minions as Spike crept behind a wailing Dru. Spike had an injection prepared to knock her out rather quickly and he jabbed the needle into her jugular to speed up the effect. His wicked queen slumped in his arms and he moved her into the other room, safely out of the way of the battle.

Buffy faced off with a startled Angelus. “Hello, lover.”

Angelus was irritated at the interruption. “I don’t have time for you.”

Buffy laughed and drew her sword. “You don’t have a lot of time left.”

The battle raged around them as Buffy lunged at Angelus. “Get away from the rock, Angel.”

“My boy Acathla’s about to wake up. You’re going to hell,” Angelus taunted.

Willow checked to make sure Joyce had all the herbs ready to go as she picked up the Orb and the paper with Jenny’s phonetically spelled Romanian spell. She nodded when Joyce asked if they were ready.

Nici mort nici al fiintei. Te invoc, spirit al trecerii. Reda trupului ce separa omul de animal. Cu ajutorul acestui magic glob de cristal” Willow saw the orb begin to flicker and glow in her hand.


Angelus grabbed at the sword handle sticking out from Acathla and light began to shoot from the statue. Angelus stopped in mid-movement, a look of bliss on his face as he pulled the sword free. He twirled toward Buffy, his blade slicing a shallow cut in Buffy’s arm. Buffy remembered Spike’s warning and pressed the attack by making Angelus step backwards, parrying her thrusts. She was driving him into the next room with her offensive.

Spike had picked up a sword dropped by one of the minions and entered the fray, keeping all the other combatants away from where Buffy fought Angelus. She was doing more than holding her own and Spike felt pride watching her.

Actually, he felt more than just pride. Watching Buffy in full fighting form had a greater impact on Spike than watching porn.

Suddenly Willow’s head snapped back and her eyes fully dilated, making them look black. Her voice deepened and she lost all hesitancy. She almost seemed possessed.

Te implor Doamne, nu ignora accasta rugaminte! Lasa orbita sa fie vasul care—I va transporta sufletul la el!

Joyce didn’t know if she should interrupt Willow or if that would be even more dangerous for the girl.

Este scris, aceasta putere este dreptul poporuil meu de a conduce….” The orb was now glowing steadily.


Buffy had Angelus pressed into the far wall in the room adjacent the one with the rock, the same rock that was now starting to emit a bluish light from the mouth of the demon.

Spike dusted the last of the minions and watched the scene that was taking place in the other room as Buffy drew blood from Angelus’ hand. He knew she was going to win and that there was no further need for him to be there. Buffy had all the backup she could want or need with the Scoobies and the Watcher. It was time to fulfill his promise and leave.

Spike slowly gathered Dru in his arms and headed out of the house, placing her gently in the back seat of the DeSoto. With one last wistful glance back at the humans he never expected to see again, he slid into the driver’s seat and headed south to a new chapter in his unlife.


Willow was nearly screaming into the wind that had begun to howl inside the Summers’ living room. “Asa sa fie! Acum!

The orb disappeared on her last word and Willow sank into unconsciousness.

Suddenly Angelus dropped to his knees and light poured from his eyes, or was it into them? He collapsed and cried out in agony.

Buffy had been ready to deliver the deathblow but stayed her hand as she watched her former lover writhe in pain at her feet.

Angel looked dazed as he gazed up at Buffy, “Buffy… what…? I don’t remember.” He looked at Buffy’s bleeding arm and touched her gently. “You’re hurt!” Angel pulled her into his arms, never noting her body stiffen in his embrace. “I feel like I haven’t seen you in weeks.”

In the other room, Acathla’s mouth widened and there was a loud roar followed by a rumble that shook the floor of the house. The vortex coming from its mouth was getting larger. Quickly.

Angel looked puzzled. “What’s happening, Buffy?”

“It doesn’t matter,” she replied and took him by the hand, heading into the room with Acathla. “I hope you can believe me that I’m sorry it went this long, Angel. But you started this and only you can end it.”

“What do you mean?” Angel was back up against the stone demon now facing Buffy.

“Goodbye, Angel.” With that, Buffy ran her sword through the stunned vampire and watched as he was sucked into the hell that he had opened.

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