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Title: Before I Take That Walk, Pt.3
Summary: Spike sobers up after Lovers Walk and wonders why he wants to go back to a cheating Dru anyway. Buffy, meanwhile, tries to get a handle on a future that won’t include Angel. Can two broken hearts find an island of comfort in each other’s arms and then just walk away?
Setting: S3 after Lovers Walk, a short PWP
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon, ME, WB, Fox are the sole owners of all involved with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Thanks to Joss he allows us to play in his sandbox. I derive no compensation for these flights of fancy. The story concept is my “creation” as is all dialogue not in any original story script.

The motel room was cheaply furnished but clean. It might not have been the dream place Buffy would have chosen, but Spike was being so sweet to her that the setting really didn’t matter.

After Buffy’s indecent proposal and Spike’s acceptance, the couple crossed the street and moved rapidly in silence to his room, both lost in their own thoughts.

Buffy began to feel a bit awkward when the vampire closed and locked the door behind them and checked to make sure the drapes were drawn tight.

“Um, Spike…I know you love Dru and you know I love Angel. I’m not expecting anything from you except that you teach me what I want to learn and that we never tell anyone about this. Is that okay with you?”

Spike still looked gobsmacked but nodded at the Slayer mutely. He wasn’t too sure how he had found himself in this position, giving advanced sex education to the Slayer of all people, but he didn’t want to make any false moves and have it finish on a dusty note.

To be honest, the Slayer didn’t look like she was even thinking about vampires and slaying at all. She turned to look at Spike and smiled shyly at him. “Um, what should I do? Just undress? Or is it better to let the guy do that for me? See how hopeless I am, I can’t even figure THAT out!”

Spike returned her smile and hoped he would be able to do justice to the faith this sweet girl was placing in him. She had dumped a boatload of manly responsibility on him unexpectedly and he didn’t want to let her down.

“Well, pet, that depends on the man and the mood. Nothin’ hopeless in your not knowin my wants yet. Just like I don’t know yet if you’ll be wantin’ it fast or slow. First time with a couple’s always a bit of an exploration. Important thing is to care what the other person’s wantin’, right? Learnin’ to read their signals.” Spike moved towards Buffy slowly as he prepared to explain.

“Now, love, I’m reading you as being shy and a bit unsure of yourself. Like you’d be wantin’ a certain vampire to take a bit of charge here. Move things along for you.” He tilted his head and looked deeply into her eyes. “That right?”

Buffy nodded an acknowledgement, blushing slightly. She hoped Spike wouldn’t find her too pathetic to still be this naïve. It had taken a courage born of desperation to take the steps she had already taken. For reasons she didn’t want to examine too closely, she really cared about Spike’s opinion of her.

“That’s fine, kitten. This is the first time for us. Almost a first time all ‘round. You’ve a right to be a bit unsteady. By the time you leave here, you’ll know all the things you want and how to get ‘em. Promise.” Spike could feel her tension and was strangely moved that Buffy seemed to care about his reaction to her.

The insecurity he had been hiding began to recede behind the greater nervousness being displayed by the Slayer.

‘Won’t do for the both of us to be bumbling about like naughty schoolchildren. Slayer came to me for experience. Don’t let the girl down,’ he reminded himself.

Spike moved carefully towards the slightly trembling girl, making sure he didn’t seem overpowering to her at this stage. The fact that this quivering girl could dust him before he could blink wasn’t even an issue. Spike found himself caring about her feelings, her comfort.

“If any of this gets to be too much for you or you change your mind, don’t be afraid to speak up. This is supposed to be a good thing for you, yeah?” Spike’s soft words matched the look in his eyes and Buffy visibly relaxed.

“I’m not a virgin, Spike,” Buffy reminded him, her embarrassment causing a sharpness she didn’t really feel.

“Know that! Heard the bloody Poof, didn’t I?” Spike felt her recoil and instantly regretted reminding Buffy of her former lover’s turn as Angelus. “Sorry, pet. Evil vampire here remember. Gonna do my best not to be a beast though. You deserve better. ‘Sides, you’re near enough a virgin for it to be the same. Well, all but the technical part that is. Least it won’t hurt.”

Buffy remembered her one time with Angel through the filter of the emotional pain that followed and time gone by and couldn’t remember the physical pain at all. Still, she was glad for the promise that Spike would be tender.

Spike reached out and gently nudged the spaghetti strap of Buffy’s top off her shoulder and leaned in to kiss the exposed sliver of skin it had tried to conceal. He trailed his mouth to her collarbone, leaving a delicate touch of lip and tongue that sent shivers of a different kind through Buffy.

“Wh…what should I be doing?” The tremor in her voice was only partially caused by nerves. The feel of his cool lips on her heated skin was awakening a response that she frankly hadn’t expected under the circumstances. ‘Wow, just from a little touch,’ she thought in awe.

“That’s my sweet kitten! So responsive already! Always knew you were born for loving.” Spike murmured encouragements into her skin, surprising Buffy that he had ever given her a thought beyond killing his third Slayer.

She was further stunned to realize she had no fear at all about the nearness of a Master Vampire to her unprotected neck–a thin, fragile barrier to all the blood Spike might hope to feast upon.

It was soon clear that Spike had no desire to feast upon anything as mundane to a vampire as mere blood. This golden goddess, this warrior and child-woman was calling to the core of the man Spike still was beneath the demon.

Spike slid his hand up the back of the silky top, glorying in the feel of her soft, warm flesh. His hand caressed her bare back as his other hand mimicked his previous action, freeing her other shoulder from its pseudo covering. Spike wasted no time in moving his mouth to that side and giving the same attention to those neglected parts of Buffy.

Buffy moaned in pleasure as she felt the electricity that seemed to spark from the contact with Spike’s talented mouth. His hand neatly unsnapped her strapless bra as he continued to caress her. Buffy didn’t even realize what he had done until the lacy bit slipped down, landing at her feet. The feel of her now freed breasts, nipples hard and erect, against the soft material brought another moan of pleasure as Spike nibbled his way up her neck on his trek toward her mouth and a searing kiss.

Buffy had started to throw her head back in response to all the sensory input, but as Spike’s mouth followed to claim her lips, she leaned into him instead. Mouth met mouth, open and inviting. Spike let his tongue toy with Buffy’s lower lip, easing slowly into the warm welcome of her mouth only when he knew she was more than ready for the invasion.

Her tongue moved to greet his in a slow, sensual slide. The two would-be lovers explored each other’s taste and feel, moving with no haste in a kiss that defied the need to breathe.

Spike’s hands had not been idle through this opening salvo. With one hand still upon her back, drawing her closer still to his hard body, his other hand moved beneath the scrap of cloth concealing her pert breasts. His large, graceful hand encased her right breast in a touch that was firm yet tender at the same time. He gently massaged the full globe as his slightly rough thumb carefully flicked the aching nipple. Buffy gasped in pleasure and surprise at his touch.

Spike broke the kiss, but not abruptly, to permit Buffy to draw in ragged breaths and issue mewls of approval at his actions. “Like that, baby? Feel good? Tell Spike. Is this good for you, love?”

“Oh yes! Too good. Not good enough!” Buffy didn’t know how both could be true, she merely knew they were. “Too many clothes. Need to feel you, Spike.”

Spike smiled and caught his lower lip between his teeth. The Slayer had used his name! She wasn’t pretending he was someone else! In that moment, he realized that Dru had been right as usual and that his heart already belonged to this slip of a girl so trusting in his arms.

His cock ached to forge ahead, to bury itself in the promise of her moist heat and send her to rapture over and over again, but his larger head prevailed and Spike kept the pace slow…this time. The night WAS still young, after all, he promised his rebellious parts.

Before Buffy even saw his hand move, her top joined the bra at her feet and Spike’s hands were upon both her breasts, kneading and stroking their fullness as his thumbs manipulated her nipples to further erectness. It felt as if they were afire and she moaned her need into his neck.

“Need…ah…Spike, need your mouth, your tongue. Please…,” she crooned.
Spike bent and took her left nipple in his mouth teasing the rock hard nub with gentle, rapid flicks of his tongue. Buffy yelped at the sensation even as she craved greater contact.

Buffy moved her hands under the hem of Spike’s black tee, raising it up his body, desperate to remove the barrier between their flesh.

Spike broke from his devotions to Buffy’s breasts long enough for the shirt to be flung over his head and to the floor, swooping back to capture her needy right nipple this time.

Buffy’s hands had begun an exploration of their own. Soft, warm Slayer hands born to flay and administer pain and death were instead as gentle and sure as Spike’s own. She traced the muscles his clothing had concealed, marveling at the toned body of the vampire. Her fingers toyed with his flat, hard nipples and she grinned as he moaned his pleasure at the touch.

They were pressed tightly together, instinctively moving nearer and nearer in the age-old need to merge into one. That primitive perfection of joining needed no instruction.

Buffy felt the hardness of his cock as it burned her through the layers of clothing they both still wore. She wondered at his size. It felt large, but she had little experience to judge such things. Clearly he was enjoying her touch as much as she was his.

The desire to touch him, to feel the length and fullness of him became overpowering to Buffy and she began to undo his belt and top button. Spike groaned at her touch and what it implied. He was panting with desire for this goddess of light.

“You sure, Buffy? Don’t want to take a chance this gets too out of hand for me to pull back if you aren’t sure.” Spike had intended this experience to be wonderful for the Slayer, but now that he knew his heart, he was determined not to bollocks it up with unbridled lust.

His cock was nearly making the decision for them both with the strain it was putting on the zipper of his jeans. Buffy could feel the twitch of it under her hand as he asked.

She nearly said, ‘Geez, Angel wasn’t this careful when we did it,’ but was heartily glad she held her tongue. Somehow she just knew that there would be no icier a cold shower than a mention of Angel at this point. In fact, Buffy was reveling in the fact that Spike was treating her as an equal and not some fragile damsel in need of kid glove treatment before being put back in a glass case on a pedastal.

“No changing of plan here, Spike. I want to learn … I also want you.” The last part had been a near whisper and only Spike’s vampire hearing allowed him to latch onto it.

Spike choked back a gleeful laugh at what her words revealed and closed his eyes in bliss. She wanted HIM. Not just sex as a goal any longer, she wanted him. Spike half feared an apocalypse with the joy that knowledge had given him. Surely there would be a large price asked for making an evil vampire this happy! He had no soul to lose but understood how his grandsire had come to lose his with this girl.

Buffy, having no idea of the effect her words had on the love-challenged vampire, grew concerned at Spike’s stillness. “You still want to, don’t you?” She was still so insecure of her desirability!

“God, yes! Never wanted anything, or anyone, more.” Spike nuzzled her neck as he made this vow. His hand strayed down to the zipper on the front of Buffy’s jeans as he reclaimed her mouth in a kiss as full of passion as the first had been of exploration.

As if in answer to Spike’s expectation of disaster, they both realized a problem at the same time. Buffy began to giggle as she realized this very experienced male had completely forgotten her boots that were still on her feet, trapping her jeans and keeping them from easy removal. She was secretly pleased to know Spike desired her enough to let that little detail slip by his obvious expertise.

“Uh, pet. Don’t really want to take my hands off you, but the Jimmy Choos have got to go.” Spike smiled at her ruefully.

“Right there with you, sport,” she continued to giggle. “How about you lose the Docs while I’m at it?”

“Just glad you’re getting that giggle problem out now, not after my dangly bits are paradin’ about,” Spike grinned.

“Why? Are they funny looking?” Buffy felt free enough to tease a bit. Laughter was good, she decided, especially during awkward sexual moments.

“Not so anyone’s ever said. Just not real good for a fella’s ego’s all.”

“You do realize that now I’ll have to look really closely, just to be sure,” Buffy threatened.

“Is there any way I can get through that with any shred of dignity?” Spike couldn’t see how the scene wouldn’t result in at least one chuckle.

“Nope,” Buffy let the “p” sound pop and wiggled her eyebrows. “That’s okay though. It’ll make us more even, you being all Mr. Experience and me the … how did you put it…’near enough to a virgin’? Yup, gonna have to take a long, slow look at those bits.” Buffy smiled at the vampire. She wasn’t sure how it was possible, but she would have sworn that Spike had a slight blush.

Spike managed to remove his boots while Buffy taunted him playfully. She was still working on the remaining one of hers as he swooped her up with a growl and tossed her on the bed. “Oh yeah? Well, we’ll just see who laughs last, eh?”

Buffy kicked off the offending footwear and turned to the smiling, sexy vampire next to her on the bed, suddenly serious again. “Thank you.”

“For what, pet? Tossin’ you on the bed or being willin’ to let you make a laughingstock out of my manly parts?” Spike tilted his head, his eyes as open and innocent as a child’s.

“Neither. Both. Everything, really.” Buffy hadn’t expected to feel any of the emotions she had been feeling since they entered the cheap motel room. She hadn’t expected Spike to be the kind of man he was proving to be either. “For being unexpectedly you.”

Spike looked at Buffy, clearly befuddled. “Who else would I be, kitten? Same Spike I’ve always been and in the past that’s nearly gotten me a dustin’ from you.”

“No, you’re not. Well, maybe you are the same, but you never showed it before. You always were this ‘I’m going to kill you and drain you dry’ and all with the evil and glares and snark. You’re actually a nice guy, Spike. I like you,” Buffy admitted.

Reaction warred within the vampire, his so expressive face revealing the battle to the Slayer. “Don’t quite know what to say to that. On one hand, I’m mighty chuffed, but then I remember ‘evil vampire here’ and don’t know what to think. You’ve put me in a spin from the start, Slayer.”

“Buffy. Call me Buffy. It sounds pretty from your lips, not stupid.” Buffy smiled at the confused demon-man. Funny how easy it was to see both in his eyes, even funnier to like both parts she saw there. “And why don’t we just go with ‘chuffed’ and leave the rest to sort itself out later, okay?”

“’Kay. I can do that.” Spike wasn’t about to spoil this night with declarations of love. That never worked well for him as a man or as a vampire. Still, he couldn’t leave it all unsaid. “I like you too, Buffy. You’re special. Not just because you’re the Slayer either. Somethin’ about you, noticed from the start. You’re one of a kind.”

Buffy blushed at the compliment and buried her head in his chest, giving in to her urge to taste him as he had her. She teased his nipple in the way Spike had done hers, having learned quickly. She was rewarded with a low growl of pleasure accompanied by Spike’s hips moving upward, straining for contact.

“Still too many clothes.” Buffy lowered his zipper and his cock sprang out into her hand. She was a bit surprised but covered it perfectly. “Wow, like a heat seeking missile there, buddy! Impressive!” She was truly impressed by the feel of his cock in her hand. She hadn’t had the chance to even get a good look at Angel, much less a firm grip.

She nearly giggled again at the remembrance of the terms used for a male penis in the bodice rippers she had devoured as an adolescent. Somehow calling this impressive organ some of those things was ludicrous in the extreme. It would never do to call Spike’s hard, smooth length ‘man-root’ or ‘pillar of love’ or any such nonsense. It was a cock: a strong, long, hard, properly thick cock that felt like velvet encased iron.

He was not circumcised–Buffy recognized that at least from her Human Sexuality classes. She slid her hand back, exposing the head that was peeping from the foreskin and already glistening with pre-cum. The naughty explorer within Buffy wanted nothing more than to taste him. She wanted to see his face as her mouth brought him pleasure. Still, never having actually gone down on a man, she decided to wait for a second lesson before trying out that fantasy. She would hate to get it wrong.

Buffy remembered when she and Willow had borrowed a sex aid book from the library and took the author’s advice to “practice using a double scoop ice cream cone.” They had numbed their tongues with the intensive licking and swirling, finally ending up on the ground doubled over with laughter as a boy who passed on his bicycle crashed into a tree at the sight.

Looking at Spike’s cock now, she didn’t see how it resembled a double scoop cone, but all those tongue exercises might finally pay off before the night was finished. “Just like ice cream,” she muttered to Spike’s confusion.

“Talkin’ ‘bout my body temperature? ‘Cause I’m warmin’ right up as we speak,” Spike promised. He had never been with a live woman and hadn’t thought about the differences in temperature. “God, I hope it doesn’t turn Buffy off.” He worried unnecessarily.

Buffy took a chance and licked the tip of his cock, dipping slightly into the slit before offering a half explanation: “Ice cream is of the good.”

The feel and sight of the Slayer’s pink tongue on his cock was nearly Spike’s undoing. He could not remember ever being so turned on in his life or unlife and needed a will as rigid as his cock to keep from coming before they even got Buffy’s jeans off.

“Not playin’ fair there, pet!” His voice was shaky and Buffy thrilled to know she was the cause. “One of us is still wearin’ too much and I aim to fix that little problem, missy.”

He captured Buffy’s mouth in a quick hot kiss, both to savor the taste of himself on her lips and to distract her from further delightful experiments in vampire torture.

He had her undressed so fast she was unaware of his hands at all except for the pleasure they brought her, judging from her writhing and moaning. “Remember, love, this is about showin’ you all the ways you like to feel.” Then, like a waiter suggesting the catch of the day, he moved down her body and said, “I have a feelin’ you’re gonna love this.”


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