Drabble, The Third…

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Here’s my final offering before I go grab some shut-eye. I’ll be back later on to post the first part of my NC-17 Season 2 Spuffy fic. The final two parts will follow as soon as I finish up that pesky middle
segment and apply a quick buff and polish.

But until then, I leave you with this…

Drabble: Sweet Reunion
Author: annapurna_2
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kinda schmoopy.
Feedback: I’ll be yours forever.

Never seen love before. Found it, lost it… lived with it my whole life. No shortage in the Burkle home.

But I’ve never really seen it till now.

Just the way she looked at him. And the way he looked at her. The way they kept looking, standing there in the lobby, surrounded by everybody but totally alone.

And no one said anything. Like words didn’t exist. Like even a teeny whisper would end the spell.

Then she was in his arms. So hard I thought he’d break. Which is silly, ’cause everyone knows vampires don’t break.

Except for poor Angel.

Originally posted at http://seasonal-spuffy.livejournal.com/35263.html