Drabble, The Second

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And here’s the second offering…

Drabble: Twenty Times
Author: annapurna_2
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Kinda angsty
Feedback: You betcha!

Twenty times a day, she tells him she loves him. Tries to make up for
all the days she wouldn’t say it. Couldn’t say it. Didn’t know.

Twenty times a day, he smiles and strokes her hair. Kisses her lips. Pulls her close.

Twenty times a day, she waits for him to say it back. Revels in it. Lives to hear it.

Twenty times a day, she wishes he believed her. Tries to prove it. Make him see.

Twenty times a day, she dies inside. Holds him tighter. Loves him harder.

Terrified some scars can’t heal.

Twenty times a day.

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