Bloody Awful Poetry Day 5: Can You Resist Andrew’s Ballad? (Why would you try???)

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The Ballad of Spike and Buffy
By Andrew Wells, post-Damage*
Medium: Poetry
Rating: G
*This ballad may not be fully canon-compliant, nor obey the laws of common sense

Meet Spike, a swaggering cut-throat rogue
And Buffy his hero-lover
They fought and kissed and overcame
Spike’s issues with his mother.

From enemies to lovers true
Our Heroes played their parts
Till at last in desperate straits
They conjoined their hearts

Spike was tender, Buffy sweet
But their love was holed
So Spike went off to Africa
To get himself a soul

Buffy found the scythe of power
And freed the Slayer tribe
Then Spike burned up to save the world
With Buffy at his side

Yet Spike returned in ghostly form
And later became solid
While Buffy met another guy
(a demon I find horrid)

So what of me, your narraTOR?
Should I speak and try
To reunite the hero pair
Or let their wild love die?

Lastly…poem-fic (is that a real thing?)…

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