Bloody Awful Poetry Day 1: Welcome and Clem’s Clerihews

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Welcome to Bloody Awful Poetry Day!
Poetry is about reflection, about different ways of seeing and expressing. So, as my contribution to the season, I bring you some Buffyverse characters writing their views of Spuffy. Quite badly, on the whole. (I daren’t attempt haiku, of which there are many distinguished examples, especially some gorgeous Spaiku. But some rarer forms of poetry allow even the worst poets – that would be me – to experiment and have some fun…)

A snack for starters:

By Clem, late season 6
Medium: Poetry
Rating: PG

Buffy Anne Summers
Took on all comers
In the sense of demons slayed
Of course, not necessarily implying getting laid.


William the Bloody (aka Spike)
Never saw a fight he didn’t like.
Ending up with a Slayer lover
Will have pride of place on his autobiography’s cover.


Hope you enjoy! (But if you really care about poetry, please just keep scrolling.)


Next glorious ode is here…

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